CT Cooks

CT Cooks: Tropical cuisine in a pinch

When I get hangry, this smoothie is a total game-changer. It is fast, filling, and satisfying.

CT Cooks: Whatever you got frittata

This crustless quiche is an easy, cheap, delicious meal that will make you feel like a master chef.

CT Cooks: A healthier Thanksgiving alternative

Hi guys, it’s Adina, and today on CT Cooks we’re gonna be making a healthy-ish apple crisp.

CT Cooks: Quick and easy one-tray salmon

This one-tray salmon dinner is totally low-hassle; you just add ingredients to the tray. It also makes you feel like an adult, cooking grown-up food.

CT Cooks: Healthy Halloween treats

This pudding tastes like berry pie filling and feels like you’re having dessert for breakfast.

CT Cooks: Bubbie’s holiday honey cake

This deceptively simple recipe produces a sticky, sweet, and spicy cake that will be a hit with all your friends, regardless of religious denomination. 

CT Cooks: Kale power bowl

A lot of people think that a poached egg is a fancy thing that’s impossible to make — that can’t be further from the truth.