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CT Cooks: Power through your studying with Sophie’s salad

This week, whip up a super fast, protein-rich Sophie's salad to get through your next study session during midterm season.

CT Cooks: Fun leftovers with hero rice

Hero Rice We all have great intentions with our leftovers. We let them sit in cute little containers or Ziplock…

CT Cooks: Spice up your carrots with za’atar

For those who aren't familiar, let me introduce you to za'atar: it's a middle eastern spice made from a delicious…

CT Cooks: Stocking up for the potential apocalypse

For all the first-year and transfer students out there who don’t know, the most important part of Rochester is Wegmans. Whether it’s the east avenue location or the obviously superior flagship in Pittsford, it’s important to understand that this grocery store is basically the backbone of our society.

CT Cooks: Baking bad to baking bread, Part 2

Hey everybody, it’s Jane, covering this week’s CT Cooks for Adina Goldstein. Welcome to the finale of a two part…

CT Cooks: Baking bad to breaking bread, Part 1

Hey everybody, it’s Jane, covering this week’s CT Cooks for Adina Goldstein. Welcome to a two part series about that good…

CT Cooks: a lentil versatility primer

Everyone is telling you to stock up on non-perishable foods. In a panic-stricken moment at Wegmans, you grab that giant…

CT Cooks: Tropical cuisine in a pinch

When I get hangry, this smoothie is a total game-changer. It is fast, filling, and satisfying.

CT Cooks: Whatever you got frittata

This crustless quiche is an easy, cheap, delicious meal that will make you feel like a master chef.

CT Cooks: A healthier Thanksgiving alternative

Hi guys, it’s Adina, and today on CT Cooks we’re gonna be making a healthy-ish apple crisp.