Club Spotlight

Colorful display of school spirit takes form of UR BlueCrew

New club UR BlueCrew promotes student enthusiasm at sporting events.

UR Cinema Group programs more than movies

UR Cinema Group does more than just play movies.

Colleges Against Cancer: students fighting for a cure

Colleges Against Cancer is a campus chapter of a national organization that works to raise awareness about cancer and funds for the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Club Spotlight: Optics not ominous: a window into OSA’s ocular world

UR’s chapter of the Optics Society of America knows how to balance education and fun. A group of excellent engineers, OSA’s members also like to play laser tag and participate in the annual Photon Cup.

Club Spotlight: Heart beats strong in organ donation club

New York State is in high demand for organ donors, with some 600 people on a waiting list in our own Strong Memorial Hospital. bLifeUR is a new club on campus that aims to increase organ donation rates.

Reconnecting with the outdoors

Photo courtesy of Alayna Callanan

At the time of year when most students are stuck indoors studying, one club on campus is making moves to …

Hill Court haunted on Halloween weekend

Hill Court COG creates first annual haunted house in Kendrick House.

Hartnett Gallery connects UR to nationwide art

Club spotlight on the student-run art gallery on campus.

Mariachi music mixes with marital merriment

Courtesy of Zamantha Lopez Aldaco

Music at UR usually evokes images of the Eastman School of Music, the last concert by the Midnight Ramblers or …

Kicking Raas and Taking Names

An interview with Roc the Raas dance team.

Grassroots grows with Waterweek

The Campus Times spoke with sophomore Jennifer Moon of Grassroots about their upcoming event, Waterweek.

Served up: UR Badmindton Club

A spotlight look on the University of Rochester Badminton Club.

Meliora Capital bonds with CT

The Campus Times spoke with junior Tejas Pethak, Analyst Director of Meliora Capital LLC.

Rockin’ on with the UR spirit!

UR Spirit Coordinator and Warner School senior Jeremy Friedman, and Students’ Association President and junior Scott Strenger, spoke with the Campus Times about the …

Don’t turn that dial: Interview with URTV

An interview with the University of Rochester TV club.

The spill on Bourbon Club

A Campus Times interview with the mysterious president of the Bourbon Club.

BSU shares culture with UR

This week the Black Students’ Union is busy hosting a Kwanzaa celebration as well as a poetry jam. Business Manager and junior Dayanna Davis discussed …

Diwali caps off awareness week

Although the Hindu holiday Diwali was celebrated on Nov. 5, Friday’s “belated” Diwali Dinner caps off Hindu Awareness Week for the Hindu Students’ Association. In addition to the delicious food, the Hindu Students’ Association is putting on musical, film and cultural events this week, in hope of spreading awareness about their religion

Dems gear up for election season

It’s election season and campaign ads are suddenly filling up commercial spots on our favorite TV shows. Tuesday night, College Democrats filled up Hirst Lounge by bringing in a local candidate for State Assembly, Robin Wilt, for a Kick-Off Event.

Amnesty magnifies the invisible

Amnesty International is a nonpartisan student organization that works together to engage the UR community on international human rights issues. President and senior Penni Spicer …

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