‘The Clone Wars’ final season is a poignant exploration of war

The last season deals with an important question: How do you win a war? 

‘Fringe’ is a great sci-fi binge

The show can provide an explanation for horrific events depicted on screen, leaving you with the nagging notion that these scientific horrors could happen. 

Bayer performs, boredom prevails

I should be fair. There was good stuff there. But the performance felt non-committal, like Bayer was afraid to stick to a theme.

Watched ‘Attack on Titan?’ Now would be the time to read the manga

This year the third season “Attack on Titan” third and fourth season took the anime community by storm.  After a…

Arya Stark and the trouble with narrative endgames

The books and the show are suffering from different strains of the same disease.

ToddX brings tales of Meat Loaf, nudity, and more

From Buzzfeed to Broadway lighting, the first ever ToddX brought an array of alumni from the entertainment industry to Todd…

Not Vanilla: Award show season standouts

Well, reader, we’re finally done with awards season. I have mixed emotions about this. I’m glad I’ll stop being constantly…

Struggles of Melissa Villaseñor: Exclusive interview

“I loved how we were all cracking up at the same thing — that connection is my favorite thing about being a comedian.”

Live from Rochester, it’s Saturday Night!

Three comedians brought the spirit of stand-up to Strong Auditorium, spitting straight humor about true things that happened to them.

Not Vanilla: The future of late night

Are there enough people watching the actual shows with the regular advertisements to keep sustaining this format of entertainment?