“Among Us” is your new favorite time-waster

“Among Us” is an app version of Mafia, a beloved childhood game that always seemed hard to set up in groups, but this app shows how much fun it can be when done right. 

First Eastman concert of the season — online

There was something supernatural about the entire event. Watching the musicians with their faces covered, hearing the smattering of applause from other musicians backstage. . .

Life, love, and the power of She-Ra

I love She-Ra because it’s so clearly a fully thought out labor of love, and not an attempt to attract a certain demographic.

How I fell in love with ‘Percy Jackson’ in college

It’s sweet to see young, awkward love, and be drawn into memories of being 13 and painfully awkward in the ways of romance, while at the same time being exceedingly grateful you have successfully made it past those cringeworthy years.

Zoom meditation: The new normal of mindfulness?

No matter your experience level, I highly recommend tuning into any of the weekly meetings.
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Liv on the Edge: Racism is all around us

It pounds and beats in the heart of a system supposedly designed to protect us: we, the people. We are not immune.

CT Recommends: Iguana Death Cult (yes, it’s a band)

“Lorraine” comes roaring in with what is probably the nastiest — like communal-style-first-year-men’s bathroom nasty — guitar riff I have in my Spotify library.

The RPO Delivered at Their 19th Amendment Celebration Concert

The RPO’s 19th Amendment Anniversary Celebration was a heartfelt tribute to one of the most important events in American history.

Sometimes, I just want music to calm me down

Happiness doesn’t have to come from the fineries and extravagances in life. It can come from the routine, mundane, and comfortable.

Liv on the Edge: I’ve run out of control

I’ve felt a little out of control recently. I imagine most other people our age are feeling that way, too.