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An emotional album: ‘The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg’

“The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg,” the first proper album from South African pop group Beatenberg, is an album that furthers this idea. Released in 2014, the album is a compilation of stories—of youth, of bittersweet happiness, of nostalgia—and is one of the most innovative pop albums released in recent memory.

Gender and race in entertainment: Matt McGorry’s take

Matt McGorry sits down with the CT to talk about #OscarsSoWhite, feminism and “Orange is the New Black".

The ‘Vagina Monologues’ speaks for itself

There’s no feeling quite like hearing an audience roar with applause after a woman onstage describes the “crumbling remains of the patriarchy.”

“madcatlady” is a work of art

“madcatlady's” videos are insanely creepy. The characters and music in her videos are the stuff of nightmares.

Bees and patrons swarm Hartnett Gallery

“Pinpoints of Perception: Portraits of 1000 Native Bees” is an installation that showcases the diversity of bees beyond our general conception of the honey-producing variety.

After Hours flattened at ICCA

As expected for the group that won their quarterfinals just one year ago, they set the bar incredibly high.

Banjo star entertains and inspires in equal measure

All I can tell you for sure is that Béla Fleck is bae and his banjo skills are dope.

TOOP is nearly flawless in “All in the Timing”

“All in the Timing,” the latest production by student theatre group The Opposite of People (TOOP), is a series of short plays that opens with three chimpanzees tasked with typing up “Hamlet,” written by David Ives.

No Jackets Required takes on the Grammys

A lot of these songs, having been produced in the past five years, have synths and multiple keyboard parts, and NJR did justice to that.

2016 Oscar Predictions: Few upsets expected

Finally, after one of the most unpredictable and controversial awards seasons in history, the Academy Awards are upon us.