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Not Vanilla: big people cartoons

To all the people who say that adults should not or cannot watch cartoons — bite me. I have not stopped watching cartoons since I started to watch them.

Swift slows down

Taylor Swift's latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” serves as further evidence for her lack of creativity when it comes to songwriting.

Summer of love…or not?

I'm not sure what made this summer the musical backdrop to every hot, talented woman getting broken up with, but in terms of my Spotify library, I'm definitely not complaining.

Oh Wonder talks shop

This Yellowjacket Weekend, Oh Wonder held the big musical spot amid Saturday's activities. We caught up with them in Douglass before the show.

Media Matrix: Sassy Brad is gay

Sassy Brad makes videos for YouTube. Sassy Brad is a human. Sassy Brad makes reaction videos. Do you know what a reaction video is? I don’t.

Oh Wonder dazzles students at YJW concert

Oh Wonder walked out to the sound of the booming, staticky bass, and launched into their set, treating the audience to songs both new and old.

Not Vanilla: To boldly go…

The original “Star Trek” series was revolutionary — it strived to embody the concept that all life is precious and worth saving, transcended politics, and mirrored real-world issues in the show.

LCD Soundsystem resurrects the “American Dream”

That LCD Soundsystem’s newest album is as good as anything they made before their  self-imposed exile began back in 2011 is almost not worth saying.

Dandelion Day bounces back with Big Sean

At the Dandelion Day concert Friday night, the five-foot-eight rapper looked submerged in the giant, two-tier screens casting colors and elemental patterns behind him, more a silhouette with a voice than a spotlight stage stomper.

New HBO series more than just animals

“Animals,” currently in its second season, is one of the funniest shows I’ve watched this year.