The Iron Maidens raise hell at Montage Music Hall

  8:15 p.m., Montage Music Hall. I was standing in line waiting for the doors to open. I was there…

Waiting for Frat Road

This weekend, the fraternity quad transformed into pre-industrialized 19th century Siberia.

Horror and the Oscars: What are the Oscars scared of?

There are amazing developments and stories being incorporated into horror, and that should be recognized by the Oscars to protect its integrity.

Not Vanilla: Award Shows

Thinking more, I started to wonder why people like to watch award shows. Many of them are marketed as annual touchstones, but I increasingly question their validity.

Headliner Nikki Glaser was not the star of Winterfest

I suspect another factor contributing to the walkouts was that Glaser’s set felt like eating an entire pot of crappy macaroni and cheese.

Buffalo rap group Griselda are bringing reality back to Hip-hop

Each of Griselda’s members bring unique skills and top-tier rapping to the table, making them one of the most versatile and consistent rap collectives operating today.

Y2K party leaves several somethings to be desired

I wasn’t about to throw twelve dollars away, so, clutching my necklace I’m pretty sure was made in the ‘90s, I led the pack into The Bug Jar. 

BSU Step Show never fails to bring energy, enthusiasm

Ultimately, what strikes me about BSU’s step competition is that it seems to be one of the few events on campus that attracts a lot of the local community.

‘The Lighthouse’ will make you question your sanity

Because of their strong performances, the personality clashes between Pattinson and Dafoe provide the film with some of its best scenes.

‘Cats’ convinced me of the power of friendship

But even if it’s not good in the traditional sense, the “Cats” movie  cannot be viewed in a traditional context. It must be viewed as an exercise in free-spirited, unabashed strangeness.