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Media Matrix: Nightcore.

In 2017 everything died. SoundCloud is basically the worst. I mostly skip to the :45-second mark of a song and if I’m not stimulated before I hear it I go to the next song.

Orhan Pamuk discusses work at Interfaith Chapel lecture

Pamuk’s talk — a discussion with Sevinç Türkkan, a religion and classic professor — revolved around “The Red-Haired Woman” and how it functions as a conversation between his own memory and existing mythology.

Not Vanilla: A new kind of entertainment

Nowadays, the sheer number of ways you can distract yourself means not everyone sticks to watching the same thing.

Media Matrix: ‘Difficult People’ is fun, dysfunctional

“Difficult People” centers on two main characters, Billy and Julie, who live in New York City and are always griping about their surroundings.

Are Rochester’s music stores fading out?

To many, there's something particularly sad about the closing of a record store. You lose a community space, an exciting relationship between you and tangible music. In Rochester, these places are integral to underlooked art and culture, which only intensifies the loss.
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Mike Birbiglia scores at Meliora Weekend

Mike Birbigilia took the stage with little fanfare, joking about his hopes of making the night “even better.”

Not Vanilla: A message to Hollywood

I find that in life there are so many shades of relationships between women that aren’t shown that often. So in honor of Women’s Empowerment Month, I’m going to pitch our imaginary Hollywood execs some ideas for projects that feature these underrepresented relationships.

Raoul Peck talks back

Following the screening of his documentary "I Am Not Your Negro", Peck took a few minutes to speak before he took questions from the crowd.

Media Matrix: Is your life over yet?

This shouldn’t even be a thing. I am not okay with this. Is this even legal? Well, I’m scarred for life.

Foster the People talk art ahead of Rochester show

Venues change, but Foster the People’s commitment to artistic purity has always stayed stable.