Envisioning too far into the future at UR Late Night’s DIY Vision Board event

Feeling nostalgic and crafty, I took my friend Sydney to the May Room on Thursday night to make a vision board.

Liv on the Edge: ‘A Little Life’ broke my little heart

“A Little Life” is about childhood, and about adulthood, and addiction, and sexual abuse, and love, and, of course, life itself.

CT Eats: Bubby’s BBQ is well worth the price

So how do you pack so much punch into your meat? You start cooking at 4 a.m., which is what McClean does every day the restaurant is open. This way, the food is ready by the time they open at 2.

A review of most campus dining locations

This guide covers the top dining choices that you may encounter during your fall semester.

Peanuts and self worth

Nobody loves Charlie Brown because he’s particularly amazing at one thing. Everybody loves Charlie Brown because he’s Charlie Brown.

Exploring The Lucky Flea Market

Most of the vendors are thrifted resellers, boasting copious amounts of vintage clothing and goods that look like they could be straight out of my grandparents’ houses.

Becoming an artist and mixologist at the “Sip and Paint”

Thanks to the Creative Arts Club and the UHS Health Promotion Office, I learned how to watercolor paint a cherry blossom branch and made a so-called “Yellow Jacket Mocktail.”

CT Eats: Boxcar Donuts

Overall, I would recommend visiting Boxcar Donuts if you have a serious sweet tooth for donuts. Additionally, you can pair your trip with a visit to the Public Market, which is only a short walk up the street.

Go off the grid and build a log cabin

What does the trivial acquisition of wealth matter if it stops you from fulfilling a lifelong goal?

Working at the Moorings

It’s all very even-keel, obvious, often boring. But after a semester in the throes of college life at UR, in the type-A frenzy chamber, I savor that kind of boredom.