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Oscars predictions read ‘La La Land’ triumph

On Febr. 26, the Academy Awards could go one of two ways: either “La La Land” is going to sweep or the Academy will spread the love, leaving the film with a mere six or seven wins.

UR music maker brings local touch to global sound

Fun, poppy synths and staccato drums make up his homegrown EDM, always accompanied by hazy imagery and titles reminiscent of snapshot photography.

Jeff finds the future of punk, maybe?

The sound is bold, endearing, and more skillfully executed than anything Kanye West has produced since 2010.

‘Riverdale’ reinvents, falls flat

“Riverdale” premiered last week on The CW, and no, it’s not comical or goofy or anything else that “Archie” comic readers think of when they think of the series.

MAG invites guests to be heard

Ascending the stairs during the Memorial Art Gallery’s event Friday night, you might have noticed an odd juxtaposition between the DJ’s beats being left behind and the sound of harps and soft conversation replacing them ahead.

Cherry Glazerr album embodies fiery femininity

A product of Clementine Creevy’s high school bedroom, Cherry Glazerr is back with their second album and Secretly Canadian debut, “Apocalipstick.”

‘Eleven Love Songs’ reflects political angst

A fifteen-foot accordion book adorned the center of the gallery on Thursday.

Hidden Figures arise in period piece

If you want to feel hopeful, watch “Hidden Figures.”

‘La La Land’ leaves audiences yearning for more

And while the film initially seems formulaic (boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back), “La La Land” adds a modern twist that should melt even the coldest hearts.

Seventh annual InspireDance brings the swing

World-renowned dance troupe Dance Heginbotham wowed the packed Spurrier Dance Studio Friday evening with an hour-long performance.