Lessons in confidence from WWE

If professional wrestlers can “fake” their way to achievement, why can’t we?

CT Cooks: Late-night veggie tales

Eating responsibly is about so much more than “eating healthy.” It’s just as important to eat food you enjoy.

WandaVision (nearly) knocks it out of the park

Despite some slight shortcomings, “WandaVision” delivers a captivating story and showcases an excellent cast.

Corning Museum of Glass was worth the 99 mile trek

The Corning Museum of Glass is probably the biggest attraction to see in the big town with the same name, located just 100 miles north of the Pennsylvania border. 

CT Eats: Good luck affording the entire menu at Good Luck

Even with the meal-sharing, Good Luck is a little out of the college kid’s budget. But if you’re looking to splurge, consider taking a drive.

Pressing play in a world on pause

Music has enabled us to wallow in our emotions and connect with ourselves and others who were feeling the same way. For these reasons, the noticeable increase in our consumption and sharing of music comes as no surprise.

Painting with words

If prose is a picture, capturing scenes with as many sentences as possible like pixels on a screen, poetry is a painting with artful brush strokes that demonstrate the skill of the artist and leave questions for the mind to fill.

Liv on the Edge: Marriage, marriage plots, and marriage pacts

Ultimately, I refuse to accept that life is just graduating college, getting a job, getting married, having kids, and dying. I know there’s so much more than that.

CT Cooks: Cloud Cakes

To give myself a little serotonin boost, I attempted to make some cheery little Cloud Cakes because they seemed simple. I was so wrong.

SNL star Melissa Villaseñor hasn’t let fame get to her head

The event offered a welcome break from studying, constituting an escape into the world of comedy for an hour.