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‘Sex Object’ offers truth, reality in feminism, life

I didn’t understand if I was supposed to read subsequent recounts of abuse and harassment bravely, sadly, or simply as a woman who already knows that this happens all the time.

UR Royals pom squad dances for school spirit

UR Royals, the pom squad established this spring, fuses ballet technique, jazz, and hip-hop dance together.

CT Recommends: ‘How to be a Human Being’

“How to Be a Human Being” seems more understandable and within grasp in this way.

Students escape boredom in UR Late Night event

It began with a small wooden box, and it wouldn’t end until we found a key.

A whole new ‘Worldview’

"Global Worldwide" isn't so much creepy as it is futuristic.

Students jump for Joywave

The connection between the Rochester native band and the University setting was mentioned several times throughout the night.

Ahead of concert, Joywave talks music, Rochester

The band may have local origins, but it’s bound for widespread fame.

Al Qadiri ahead of her time

Qadiri has some of the most visually stimulating and enchanting music videos I've ever seen.

Student Fringe performance ‘Here I Lie’ connects culture, community

A young woman sitting with a somber expression, clad completely in white in front of a white screen, created the melancholy mood required for this piece.

Student DJ’s craft sates campus desire for EDM

The student-produced music scene here at UR is rather unique.