Not Vanilla

Not Vanilla: impersonal yet personal

Reader, sophomore year has been quite a doozy. The courses have gotten more intense, as have my extracurricular activities. And…

Not Vanilla: Spending for smiles

This weekend, dear reader, I went for the first time to the Rochester Public Market. It was a chilly Saturday…

Not Vanilla: Big-time halftime disappointment

This year, when I sat down to watch the Super Bowl, I was expecting two things: a decent game and…

Not Vanilla: Decorating your room can be a like filling a canvas

I remember, during freshman year, looking with a bit of excitement and a lot of anxiety at the walls and…

Not Vanilla: What makes a restaurant good?

With the grand opening of the new branch of Tai Chi Bubble Tea, there has been considerable hype about having…

Not Vanilla: The future of late night

Are there enough people watching the actual shows with the regular advertisements to keep sustaining this format of entertainment?

Not Vanilla: Podcasts to pass the time

I got into podcasts this summer, when I was interning in Boston. I quickly realized the best way to pass the time and to also be semi-aware of my surroundings was listening to podcasts.

Not Vanilla: Why we watch people do things

It’s much easier to watch someone else do things and live vicariously through them.

Not Vanilla: Bigger the universe, bigger the buck

Since the “Iron Man” back in 2008, the concept of an expanded movie universe has become a household idea, even if most people don’t know the technical word for it.

Not Vanilla: A new kind of entertainment

Nowadays, the sheer number of ways you can distract yourself means not everyone sticks to watching the same thing.