Daft Punk’s ‘Interstella 5555’

“Interstella 5555” is basically an anime, but with no talking, just visuals to accompany the music from “Discovery.”

The Aces deliver fun, female power pop at Anthology

"Is that a girl band?" the man behind me asked, bewildered. Yes, it was.

Taylor Swift’s endlessly vague ‘Reputation’

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now because she’s dead. But who killed her?

Media Matrix: On vaporwave

From the golden era of vaporwave, the residue shines in a goldenrod afterglow on one YouTube channel: [PATRYK FILMS].

Vocal Point creates magic with ‘A Very Potter Show’

From beginning to end, the show brought smiles to faces and incredible music to ears.

Maroon 5 exhibits pop centrism on ‘Red Pill Blues’

With this record, Maroon 5 has put its musicianship out of its misery.

Ramblers triumph on new EP

The latest Midnight Ramblers EP, “This Side Up,” is sure to shake listeners with its incredible arrangements of songs everyone knows and loves.

Media Matrix: Nightcore.

In 2017 everything died. SoundCloud is basically the worst. I mostly skip to the :45-second mark of a song and if I’m not stimulated before I hear it I go to the next song.

Are Rochester’s music stores fading out?

To many, there's something particularly sad about the closing of a record store. You lose a community space, an exciting relationship between you and tangible music. In Rochester, these places are integral to underlooked art and culture, which only intensifies the loss.
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Foster the People talk art ahead of Rochester show

Venues change, but Foster the People’s commitment to artistic purity has always stayed stable.