Liv on the Edge

Liv on the Edge: A brief history of bucket hats

I love bucket hats. I think they make everyone look like a baby, regardless of who they are.

Liv on the Edge: The fall equinox and the turning of the tides

Plagued by such existential dread, I celebrated the fall equinox with my roommates on Tuesday night.

Liv on the Edge: Racism is all around us

It pounds and beats in the heart of a system supposedly designed to protect us: we, the people. We are not immune.

Liv on the Edge: I’ve run out of control

I’ve felt a little out of control recently. I imagine most other people our age are feeling that way, too.

Liv on the Edge: Things to do when we return

Oh, the places we’ll go, like Dr. Seuss says. Here’s a list of things we can do around Rochester whenever we see it again. 

Liv on the Edge: Slowly getting by

Sometimes, if I wave, the bus driver honks and waves back. That’s my world right now. Well, that and Slowly, a free app my friend Ashley showed me.