‘Eleven Love Songs’ reflects political angst

A fifteen-foot accordion book adorned the center of the gallery on Thursday.

Natural hair celebrated by PASA

The Pan-African Student Association held an art exhibition last Saturday featuring photographs of natural hair in Haven’s Lounge.

Paranormal investigators search MAG, find the unexplainable

The Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) reached out due to a growing number of stories and strange sightings taking place throughout the 103-year-old building.

The dead come alive at MAG event

Spirits were high, in more ways than one.

‘Vanish’ exhibit brings ecological issues to light

The Rochester Contemporary Art Center made the invisible visible on Thursday night with the opening of its newest exhibit, “Vanish.”

Play meets politics in newest Hartnett exhibit

Artist George Lorio’s show “Toy Politics” opened in Harnett Gallery on Thursday, following a short lecture given by him in the Gowen room.

Oeuvre app annotates art

The creation of a digital space to talk makes art more approachable.

Bees and patrons swarm Hartnett Gallery

“Pinpoints of Perception: Portraits of 1000 Native Bees” is an installation that showcases the diversity of bees beyond our general conception of the honey-producing variety.

‘Refuge’ depicts tension and release in elegant form

Take a step into Hartnett Gallery, and you are placed in the middle of a picture book, one where little houses are fight to survive amongst swirling black forms.