Phishing attacks compromise campus accounts

Students, faculty and staff at the University, including the UR Medical Center, are being targeted by a dramatically increasing number of phishing and spam attacks. They are receiving emails that are fabricated to look like they originated from University Information Technology (IT), Information Systems Division, the help desk or other support locations.

Some accounts have been compromised by users who have responded to the phishing. One of the most fraudulent emails redirects users to an external website at which the users enter their username and password. Users are cautioned that these phony websites look like valid UR sites.

If you think you may have been a victim of this email phishing scam, you are asked to change your password immediately by going to UR’s myIdentity portal or by calling the Information Technology Help Desk at 585-275-2000.

Users are asked to be cautious of suspicious emails and to report spam or phishing emails immediately. These emails should be sent as an attachment to the University IT Help Desk at or For more information, visit IT’s phishing website here.

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