Construction on Media Arts & Innovation Building to begin

The construction of a new digital media studies and audio and music engineering building has been approved by the University of Rochester’s trustee executive committee. The building is designed to be a “hub at the cross-section of the study of arts, sciences, and engineering.” It will be named the Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation, in honor of University Trustee and philanthropist Ronald Rettner.

The three-story, 18,900 square foot building will house an engineering fabrication lab, sound and video recording studios, a multipurpose learning studio, group study areas, and exhibit space. It will also contain a number of high-end computers, digital design software, and 3-D printers.

The building is designed by the architectural firm Goody Clancy. It will be open 24 hours a day. The Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation will be located in the Wilson Quadrangle between Wilson Commons and Morey Hall. The project will include renovations to Morey and will cost $12.8 million. The construction on Ronald Rettner Hall will begin this summer.

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One Response to “Construction on Media Arts & Innovation Building to begin”

  1. Daniel Gorman Jr. says:

    The new features of Rettner Hall sound like they will be quite useful to UR students. Unfortunately, this building’s construction will further contribute to the destruction of the Wilson Quad, and several more decades-old trees will have to be torn down. UR needs to start seriously thinking about adding more greenery to the campus.


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