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The Campus Times offers undergraduates the opportunity to write, photograph, copyedit, draw, design, and blog. It’s never too late to sign up, and students can contribute as little or as much as they’d like. No prior experience is necessary and no long-term commitment is required.



There are six sections in the Campus Times to which students can submit articles: News, Opinions, Features, Humor, Arts & Entertainment, and Sports.

The Campus Times credits writers not on staff under one of two categories: contributing writers or staff writers. A student will be credited as a contributing writer until his or her third article, for which they will begin to be credited as a staff writer. The exception to this rule occurs in the Opinions section, in which no title appears under bylines. Op-eds do not count toward earning the title of staff writer.

To start writing, email the section(s) you’d like to contribute to. If you are unsure, contact the Editor-in-Chief at





Arts & Entertainment:




Photographers not on staff are credited in the Campus Times as contributing photographers or staff photographers. As with articles, a student will be credited as a contributing photographer until his or her third photo, for which they will begin to be credited as a staff photographer.

To start taking photos, contact the photo editors at



Copy editors look for spelling, grammatical, and factual errors in articles that are to be published in the Campus Times. We have copy editors on staff, but anyone is welcome to help. It’s a great way to start getting involved, especially if you’re interested in applying for an editor position in the future.

Most copyediting takes places on Wednesday nights before each issue is published. If you’d like to help, stop by the office after 7 p.m.



In addition to satirical articles, the humor section also accepts comics on a rolling basis, which can be submitted electronically or in person.

To submit a comic electronically, contact the humor editor at Hard copies should be clearly labeled with the artist’s name and class year and dropped off at the Campus Times office.

Section editors lay out their own pages, but there are select opportunities for design work that vary weekly.

To help design, contact the Editor-in-Chief at

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