The Other Side

Bat Phone to the Rescue

Dr. Lawrence has been the head of the Finger Lakes Poison Control Center as the only doctor on call for all of these 54 years. Concerned members of the community can call the hotline and find out if what they accidentally consumed or touched is poisonous.

An Inter-Disciplinary World

There are some students out there who are truly interested in both the natural sciences and the humanities or social sciences, even if some students feel that these two worlds should never collide.

Plenty to Read About

When I read my Reader feed of UR news, I feel like I have a greater stake in the University and can better discuss current events related to UR. Did you know that the Emergency Department at URMC just conducted a study of 61,689 motorcyclicsts and determined that, because baby-boomer riders are aging, they are at greater risk of injury and death while riding?

The "Real World"

When I decided to go on to grad school, my usual response to people was that I was trying to avoid the “real world” for as long as possible. In some senses, it’s true that going on to graduate school is a form of avoidance. School is what we know.

Size Does Matter

As I was visiting various schools, I realized that smaller is actually better — at least for me, anyway. In a large school with lots of students, you have to look out for yourself.

Two Separate Worlds

It seems as though most people at the Medical Center have no idea what’s going on at the River Campus and most people on the River Campus have no idea what’s going on over here.

To Screen or Not to Screen

Instead of the previous standard-of-care yearly mammogram after age 40, the USPSTF now recommends beginning screening at age 50 and only getting screened every other year. This caused quite a stir in the medical community

The Center for Community Health

This summer, I’ll be working on a project that examines local physicians’ attitudes toward the HPV vaccine, specifically in reference to administering it to women ages 18-26.

The Point of Public Health Research

It seems as though in order to do some kind of novel research you have to get so specialized that one forgets what the point was of doing the research in the first place.

Working Together

One of my favorite things about graduate school, as I’ve alluded to in many of my other posts, is the collegial attitude of the students. Everyone is out to do their best, and since whether you get a “B” or an “A” doesn’t really make too much difference, the main goal of our classes is to learn and to get the best education possible.

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