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No choice but school choice

Given recent events, from the spate of divisive legislation passed and proposed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to the grassroots response to Republican Gov. … [More]

The Elephant in the Closet

It seems that anytime a Republican breaks with the party line for their own principles, not only are they “selling out [their] own countrymen,” but they must be doing so due to some form of blackmail.

Telling Times

It surprises me how people whose ostensible priority is the protection of “American values” flagrantly betray them. Politicians do it by necessity, since — as my grandfather used to say — politics is the art of mastering one’s circumstances, and we’ve certainly enjoyed a bumper crop of hypocrites in Congress lately.

Filial Piety

Vernon Hunter served two tours of duty in Vietnam and returned only to serve his country for many more years, as part of that most hated of federal institutions — the IRS. He had a wife who worked for the same agency, as well as six children.

The "R" Word

It’s not often that I pass up an opportunity to rip on Sarah Palin, but she’s right that the word “retard” shouldn’t be thrown around. The problem is that she’s definitely not the right messenger.

Martha, Martha, Martha

Sure, some of the Brown voters were disenchanted Democrats who are annoyed with Governor Patrick, or President Obama’s actions, or lack thereof, or whatever — but most of the blame for Martha Coakley’s loss should be placed squarely on her shoulders.

Huckabee's courage

Clarence Darrow, during his final summation at the trial of Leopold and Loeb, asked the jurors to “temper justice with mercy.”

I choose to begin with … [More]

Texas's Marriage Mishap

Two weeks ago I highlighted Maine in my blog for voting affirmative on Question 1 and repealing the state’s legalization of gay marriage. This week, … [More]

Disagreeing with Maine

After a few years spent up here in the States and taking an almost-daily news bath, very little surprises me about American politics. I expected … [More]

Excuses, Excuses

This Wednesday, the Senate voted 47-53 to block a ten-year freeze of cuts to Medicare payments given to doctors; the entire Republican conference, twelve Democrats … [More]

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