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I was very happy to find that my last post actually garnered a response, especially one which allows me to continue bringing some of my … [More]

America's Educational Leadership

I won’t pretend I was very happy with the appointment of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education by the president whom I voted for. Aside … [More]

The Price of Teaching

Last week I wrote about the emotional burden teachers shoulder and the stress they’re asked to accept in the course of their profession. One aspect … [More]

The Emotional Impact of Teaching

One of the things that most scares me about the profession I’ve chosen to pursue is the tremendous emotional burden teachers have to shoulder. My … [More]

Seeing Red

I seem to remember at least one of my high school teachers using a green pen to correct papers, rather than a red one, simply … [More]

Looking for a Secretary

It seems appropriate to me to kick this column off with something related to the recent election, and through the recent media buzz about who … [More]

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