The Editor’s Desk

The Campus Times at the Electronic Entertainment Expo!!

The largest video game convention in the world. The most breaking news in the video game world all year.

And the CT has three editors going … [More]

The Likes Of You Again

Beloved CT readers,

Hello everybody and welcome to the last regular CT issue of the semester!

That sure was fast wasn’t it? Time goes by when it … [More]

From the Publisher's Desk

It is sad that the Campus Times net does not, despite our best intentions, extend far enough to catch every group. Yet to best of our ability we cover every request (see this week’s A&E section). But even if we can’t always get the writer, we need those requests. We need to be told what’s going on out there. We put forth an extraordinary effort, but we’re not enough in number to find every story.

On the Back of a Broken Dream

It is with a heavy heart and a weighted soul that I write this. After tasting the sweet fruit of Eden that was last week’s online only edition of the paper I am bittersweetly torn in announcing to you all that the Campus Times will no longer be publishing a print edition.

Rare Ould Time

This is our last issue before spring break, and also will be our last issue until March 25. We originally had an issue planned for March 18, the week we got back, but after discussing it with staff we decided to not publish directly following a break.

Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon

One of the most important aspects of developing news stories is timeliness. A story that breaks on Monday may no longer be interesting or worthwhile as front page news by the time we get to Thursday.

The Spoken Wheel

Journalistically and ethically speaking, any professional newspaper would never allow a source to read a story before publication. And while we are a college/student newspaper, we still hold ourselves to professional standards.

Every Dog Has Its Day

This week I have found myself in an interesting situation, and one that I didn’t expect to find myself in for a few weeks. It looked very promising that the production of the paper would finish tonight before I got a chance to sit down and write my blog entry.

The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Everybody who opened up the print edition of last week was bound to find several small hidden surprises. The Features Front, a mainstay in the Features section, printed missing the background that was designed for it. A&E had several floating black boxes, which were originally the music review boxes.

With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

I am proud to present to you the first edition of “The Editor’s Desk,” a weekly blog that will attempt to brush away the cobwebs and transport you into the inner workings of all the glory, fame and glamor that is the Campus Times. As we go through the semester, the blog will serve as an outlet for me and the editorial staff to offer explanations why and how the Campus Times makes the decisions that it does.

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