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15 Things You Should Do As a UR Alum

While the Rochester Review’s list “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate” probably hit home most with current students, it’s nice to see that UR students are still eating garbage plates, napping in the Welles-Brown room and taking advantage of all that the city of Rochester has to offer.

Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Fenichel ’08

Originally from New Jersey, Matthew Fenichel ’08 majored in economics and earned three certificates at the Simon School (Marketing, Accounting/Finance and Public Sector Analysis). Since graduation, he has lived in New York City, where he works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Cheers and Jeers

The good and the bad of the past school year from the alumni perspective.

Alumni Opinion: Springtime in Rochester

What’s the best part of springtime at UR?

Alumni Spotlight: David Leblanc '08

David Leblanc ’08, ‘09K is originally from Rochester, NY. While at UR, he was a music major and completed a Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year. He also co-founded No Jackets Required and was a member of the Meridian Society. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, where he is studying at the University of Miami.

Transportation Fees

Any hike in tuition is not going to be well-received by students, and understandably so. A quick internet search of transportation fees at universities across the country reveals that $25 is on the low end of the spectrum. If students communicate with administration effectively, there is potential for the school to benefit. But, if communication lines fall short and bus lines are cut, the effects could be detrimental to the entire University community.

Spotlight: Kerri Linden Slatus

A native of Conn., Kerri Linden Slatus majored in English. While at UR, she worked on the Campus Times and studied abroad in England. She currently lives in New York City, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in English and teaching literature at a local city college.

The Sustainability Option

UR Biodiesel, a project created by undergraduate students to turn extra fryer oil from dining service centers into biodiesel to fuel a campus shuttle bus, recently received the Excellence in Innovations for Sustainability Award from the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). What steps, large or small, would you like to see UR take in its commitment to sustainability?

Ride Reservations

If the University does move forward with providing chartered buses to certain areas, they should consider doing so to regions that are not located near major airports or transportation hubs.

Alumni Opinion: Making a College Town

What would you like to see become part of a new University of Rochester College Town?

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