River Campus Life

Summer changes and dreams… fulfilled?

Welcome Back! I am sure all of you anxiously awaited your return to UR this summer with the curiosity and hopes that there would be … [More]

Put your two cents in

With another semester coming to an end and a new class of seniors about to embark on that journey we refer to as life, I … [More]

Student Government, Part II

Does anyone feel like there are so many people representing the thoughts of students, yet no one really know s what is going on? After … [More]

Student Government, Part I

With new elections rapidly approaching and the existing student government really pushing for any and all to either apply or run for the next year, … [More]

Campus Dining

Do you ever realize that there really isn’t much variety when it comes to dining here at UR? I mean, they say that the variety … [More]

Campus Parking

As all of you may or may not know, Parking Services will be bringing back one of their favorite pastimes, Booting. Booting is the act … [More]


It seems that we hear about a different crime occurring on our campus almost all of the time. Whether it is a mugging or someone’s … [More]

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