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The Minutes are Too DAMN Late

The Minutes are Too DAMN Late

References to Jimmy McMillan and rent problems are all too appropriate, because Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes were just posted to the Hive … [More]

There’s No (E)SCAPE for the Greeks

Dep. Speaker’s Sept. 6th minutes noted that, according to the TAC, there was good data about ridership for at least one of the routes: “Chai-Lai/Walmart.” … [More]

The Cessation of Hostilities

The final session of the Students’ Association Senate began in earnest yester-night at around 9 p.m. We were hoping for a grand finale, and couldn’t help but think about what might happen. SUS-PENSIEVE!

Ineffective Immediately

There were a lot of strangers surrounding the Senate table this week. We don’t know who they were, they weren’t introduced until the end of the meeting and, frankly, we’re almost done, so they’re mostly irrelevant.


The Senate came to terms with, well, its term. Yes, the 2009-10 Senate is now officially history, relegated to the newspaper archives as relics of the good, olden days. KEEP THOSE YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS OFF OUR LAWN!

De Jure

The action was mostly tame at this week’s Senate meeting.

Special Edition: Fighting Words

We’re into it now, folks: SA Elections season. The process brings big pressure for those aspiring to the presidency and vice presidency, since those ambitious folks have to participate in the annual SA debates — it is a harsh and rigorous process, in that CTQ’s harsh judgment knows few boundaries. WE’RE HERE TO HURT FEELINGS, NOT MAKE FRIENDS. Deal with it.

Passed and Present

We’re heading into Passover season, which means religious activities have moved the Senate’s beginning time back to 9:30 p.m. SEDER IT ISN’T SO!


It’s been a big week for legislatures both national and Students’ Associational. One brought you health care reform. Let’s see what major accomplishments come from the other one.

A Foundation of Sand

It’s been two weeks without analyzing the actions of the Students’ Association Senate, but this week saw a flashy return that started with an old-fashioned grilling of Event Support. IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE LEGISLATURE.

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