Balls Inside Walls

Professors, Thank You

Going to a major Championship like the Europeans takes a lot of time: The tournament itself lasts for six days plus two days of travels across the Atlantic. Moreover, as the Europeans take place right before the finals week, school work needs to be distributed before and after the tournament.

Season Coming to an End

The college squash season ended just before spring break with the individual championships that took place at Trinity College. Only the 96 best players in the nation can enter this tournament and for the first time in history, UR was able to send their whole line-up of nine players to the championships.

A Home Match at Yale

The UR squash team went in seeded as No. 3 and were expected to play against the No. 2 home team in the semi-final. And we did play them, but based on the crowd and atmosphere, it was us who were enjoying a home court advantage.

Winter Break in the Warmth

Winter Break in the Warmth

After spending 10 days on the British Virgin Islands training and playing, the squash team returned to Rochester early January to start the second half of the season. This was a pretty unique winter break for most of us, as only a few guys went home to see friends and family over Christmas time. No one really complained about that though…

Team traditions taught and changed

The Liberty League weekend usually means two things for the squash team. One, it’s the season opener, and two, it is the first team trip … [More]

The girls' team

UR hosted its first squash home match of the season last Saturday but it wasn’t a normal season opener. Instead of the boys’ varsity team … [More]

Big points make the difference

It’s still two weeks until the first squash match of the season, but already four members of the team — Jim Bristow, Beni Fischer, Andres … [More]

Exhibiting ends, official training starts

The first event of the season, the annual Meliora Squash Exhibition, took place a week ago and was successful both in terms of attracting a … [More]

A big year coming up

A big year coming up

The squash team is back from summer break and so is this blog. It’s going to be a very special season for the team, as … [More]

Team banquet

As we do after every season, the UR men’s squash team had a season ending dinner and banquet last week. This was actually my first … [More]

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