"The Ricky Gervais Show"

As someone who’s been a fan of Ricky Gervias for years, “The Ricky Gervais Show” offers nothing new for me. That’s because the entire program is animated episodes from the 2006 podcasts done by Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Though none of the material is new to me, it’s still as funny as the podcasts, and I’m happy to share the joy that is Karl Pilkington with my readers.

Ricky Gervais is best known for his comedy work on “The Office” (UK version) and “Extras.” Stephen Merchant is Gervais’ collaborator on both projects and hilarious in his own right. And then there is, as Ricky calls him, “the little round-headed buffoon,” Karl Pilkington. Pilkington worked as a producer for Gervais and Merchant when they hosted a radio program in the UK, and they quickly discovered Pilkington had a lot of strange world views.

What’s great about the animated version of “The Ricky Gervais Show” is it allows me to relive my favorite moments from the podcasts. This week featured two hilarious stories about Karl washing up. First Pilkington recounts the time he decided to try to wash up without the use of his thumbs. It was through this experiment, in which “it took ages”, that Karl learned thumbs were important.

The second story is about when Karl caught sight of a naked woman in a window. As he continues to wash the dishes, he keeps his eyes on the naked woman, but unfortunately she catches his gaze. It’s an awkward moment to be sure, but Karl’s strange mind found a way to rectify the situation. His logic was, since he saw the woman without clothing on, he should show a bit of his butt to the other woman. It’s hilarious that someone’s brain could come up with this as a solution to an already awkward situation.

All episodes of “The Ricky Gervais Show” end with a segment called “Monkey News,” in which Pilkington presents a story involving monkeys. Unsurprisingly, the stories are outlandish. This week’s “Monkey News” featured the story of a mysterious builder, who was quite adept at climbing around on the frame. The other workers become suspicious as this worker never comes down to join them. Shockingly (not really since it’s “Monkey News”), this worker turns out to be a chimp, much to the dismay of the union builders. Apparently their biggest concern wasn’t the chimp, but that this broke their union agreement. It’s funnier if you listen to Ricky and Stephen just rip Karl’s stories to shreds.

To be honest, I think everyone has to tune in next week, when (hopefully), my favorite segment begins. I won’t spoil it, but if you like “Monkey News”, you’ll love this.

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