Every Dog Has Its Day

Beloved CT readers,

Hello everybody, and happy Thursday. Hope the snow that seems to be finally hitting Rochester hasn’t hit you all too hard.

This week I have found myself in an interesting situation, and one that I didn’t expect to find myself in for a few weeks. It looked very promising that the production of the paper would finish tonight before I got a chance to sit down and write my blog entry.

Now usually I sit down and write the blog during production night during the down time before pages start to get to me, giving me time to go back and forth between it and various other paper duties during the night.

But as only Styx could put it, production night really sailed away, I found myself reading pages instead of having large slots of time spent where I would normally write the blog. But out of all the problems to have, this is one I would never, ever, complain about.

There were several reasons for such a productive production night (pun intended) and it just wouldn’t feel right to pin it on one sole reason. Now on our fourth issued for the semester, editors are finally getting comfortable with InDesign, copy editors are starting to argue over exact comma placements and less questions come up about fitting articles or placing them on a page and more spring up about content or the depth of an article.

And with this added time, I hope, will come better articles and a better paper. We also ran 16 pages this week due to a small advertisement load, which also has the benefit of giving sections room to hold over articles to polish them more next week, further strengthening our content.

Now, I don’t want to make a habit out of picking out one article from each week, but I do suggest that everybody check out the Features Front this week. Conor did a great job of capturing the life of refugees in Rochester, and if you check out one story this week, be sure to check out that one.

And, sometimes it really is the little things. Nothing blew up this week. We had a couple people battling illness and early morning Thursday tests, but all in all is was possibly the smoothest moving production night yet.

And I’ll also get more than just a few hours of sleep before my 3 p.m. class tomorrow. It’s been a good night.

Enjoy this week’s edition of the paper. Until next week. Rock it, Rochester.
-Willie Clark
Campus Times Editor-in-Chief

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