With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

Beloved CT readers,

I am proud to present to you the first edition of “The Editor’s Desk,” a weekly blog that will attempt to brush away the cobwebs and transport you into the inner workings of all the glory, fame and glamor that is the Campus Times. As we go through the semester, the blog will serve as an outlet for me and the editorial staff to offer explanations why and how the Campus Times makes the decisions that it does.

And we have criticized many an administration for its lack of transparency, so we might as well hold ourselves to the same standard.

From time to time I will also pass the pen over to other editors and allow them the chance to shed some light on their individual sections and their week-by-week process of putting together the best, and only, completely student-run newspaper at UR.

As I write this during our second issue, I can’t help but already be amazed at just how well the first issue, and this one, has been going. The time commitment and the energy that the new staff has shown has been nothing short of impressive. Really, the CT works unlike any group I have been a part of. Most of us (me excluded) aren’t English or journalism majors. People aren’t here because they want to go into the dying print industry (again, me excluded). For most of the editors it comes to down to one simple thing: passion.

But what that passion means for each editor can vary. For some, it’s a love of television, a love of sports or just a love of getting free food and sitting on the coach once a week. To others it is a deep passion to making sure every participle is in place, every semicolon is perfect and that we managed to get rid of every possible serial comma.

But really, regardless of why people are here, how they got here and how much they knew about journalism, each editor puts in myriad hours of work making sure that their section is as perfect as it can possibly be. And for a group of people, who for the most part have never met outside the CT, the fact that everybody can put in that much time together in one office working toward one goal (putting out the best newspaper each week possible) is nothing short of amazing. I’m humbled and proud to be able to lead such a group.

But at the end of the day, or in the early morning when the ink is finally dry on each issue, we are a learning newspaper. And sure, we get things wrong. But we get a lot of them right, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Enjoy this week’s edition of the paper. Until next week. Rock it, Rochester.

-Willie Clark
Campus Times Editor-in-Chief

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