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‘The Price is Right’ for freshman Rambler

The first words the announcer said at “The Price is Right” episode taped on March 9 were: “Aaron Michalko come on down!”

UR track and field manhandles regional powers on home turf

Both the men’s and women’s track and field teams dominated events across the board to win the UR Alumni Invitational.

Radnor’s directing debut dazzles

Josh Radnor, well-known for his leading role on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” makes his directorial and screenwriting debut

Locals out of league vs. UR

The Rochester track and field left little doubt as to which was the dominant force in the greater-Rochester area when they competed in the Roberts Wesleyan Invitational on Saturday, April 2.

Rebecca Black to get UR ‘so excited’

13-year-old Rebecca Black, who became an overnight sensation with her smash hit “Friday,” has been confirmed as the entertainment for this year’s Dandelion …

Track sends talent south

The men’s and women’s track and field teams traveled to Lexington, Va, to take part in the VMA/Washington & Lee Carnival.

‘26.2 Stories’ runs the risk of coming across as a bit arrogant

This past March, ultra-marathon runner Dean Karnazes released his third book, “Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss.”

Pilotwings Preview

“Pilotwings Resort” for 3DS is the first sequel in the Pilotwings franchise in almost 15 years.

Pokémon Black and White is Pokéballer

If you thought Pokémon has been dead since the days of Red and Blue, think again.

Fonge, Cinella make marks on division III track’s grandest stage

Seniors Jackie Cinella and Yaneve Fonge competed at the NCAA National Indoor Track and Field Championships this past weekend.

‘Jacket hive thrives

Both men’s and women’s track took home second at the NYU Team Challenge at the Armory in NYC over the weekend.

Runners clean up at Cornell

The men and women’s track team combined for six ECAC qualifiers, three NYS Championship qualifiers, a school record and two more marks that just barely missed school records at the Kane Invitational at Cornell over the weekend.

‘Jeopardy!’ welcomes our new computer overlords in tournament

Could a computer ever beat a human in a game of knowledge and trivia? IBM was determined to find out.

Lady Gaga’s single ‘Born This Way’ emerges from its shell

“Born This Way,” Lady Gaga’s new single and the titular song of her upcoming album, is in many ways very different from her previous work.

Old vs. new: the war of reception

TFTS, a technology-rating website, calculated the likelihood of different providers’ customers switching to the new Verizon iPhone. Courtesy of

The Apple iPhone, in its …

‘Blue Valentine:’ not a date night movie

Even though the “Blue Valentine” poster claims that the film is “a love story,” it might be better defined as “a story about love’s fleetingness.”

Boston’s best lure Yellowjackets from nest

The UR track teams competed at the elite Terrier Invitational on Saturday, racing some of the region’s premier collegiate runners and more than holding their own.

‘The Way Back’ is promising, but fails

“The Way Back” is about seven escaped prisoners’ 4,000-mile trek through Asia. Based on the Slawomir Rawicz’s “The Long Walk.”

“The Way Back” tells the …

‘Deadly Murder:’ what other kind of murder is there?

1[caption1 id=”attachment_12898″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″ caption=” The Test “Billy” (Jonathan Lewit) threatens Camille (Gretchen Woodworth) with a gun and attempts to blackmail her out of her …

Track bounces back, tacks on top times

Men’s and Women’s Track had an incredibly successful day at the St. Lawrence Invitational, with a total of six ECAC-qualifying performances between the teams.

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