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Satisfactory/Fail is default grading system for semester

Satisfactory credits will count for majors, minors, and degree requirements. Students may choose to get a letter grade through an online form.

COVID-19 patient dies in first confirmed fatal case in Monroe County

Three new COVID-19 cases in Monroe County were also confirmed Tuesday morning. There are now 14 confirmed cases in the county. 

Spring break extended five more days following student outcry

Provost Robert Clark wrote that the extension applies to AS&E, Eastman, "and some other schools."

Mayor declares state of emergency in Rochester

The proclamation signed by Warren said the state of emergency took effect at 4 p.m. the same day.

State of emergency, all public schools closed after second case in Monroe County

The woman began experiencing symptoms on March 4, and attended work at Arcadia Middle School on March 5 and 6. The symptoms were still mild at the time.

Another Monroe County patient tests positive for the coronavirus

Monroe County officials didn't say how the patient contracted the virus, but said it was not connected with the first case.

Despite previous claims, Rochester coronavirus patient took bus from NYC

This contradicts an earlier interview with WXXI in which the patient said he rode to Rochester from John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Updates for Eastman students on changes to campus services 

Students wishing to stay in the Student Living Center must be approved by Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Robert Bones.

Strict requirements for campus housing detailed in dean’s email

Students cannot stay on the AS&E campus unless they face travel restrictions, housing insecurity, or come from a country with a severe COVID-19 risk.

Rochester man tests positive for coronavirus

In an interview with WXXI, the patient — who did not give his name — said that he is a resident of the 19th Ward neighborhood.