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‘Scandal’ has room to grow, not yet a hit

ABC’s new show “Scandal” shows definite potential, but is still a little lackluster in it’s current efforts.

‘Girls’ reality check a breath of fresh air

HBO’s new show ‘Girls’ may not have much charm, but it does have delightful realism that shows the journey of 20-somethings who haven’t quite become women yet.

‘Bent’ over backward: Show plays off of love and attraction for laughs

The Idiot Box Addict gives it’s opinion of NBC’s new show, “Bent.” Focused on love, attraction, life and all the in between, this show is a perfect balance of “rom” and “com.”

‘Awake’ rouses viewers with intrigue

The Idiot Box Addict takes a look at NBC’s newest show, ‘Awake.’

‘How I Met Your Mother’ plot wandering in the worst way

The Idiot Box Addict takes note of how a much beloved show seems to be losing focus.

‘Smash’ hits the right note with audiences

'Smash' hopes to hit it big– just like it's characters

What defines a smash hit? “Wicked,” “Rent” and “Billy Elliot” — those shows stunned and …

Audiences bid farewell to ‘Chuck’

Five years of ‘Chuck’ have finally come to an end, and by no other means than a bang. This whirlwind series finale will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

ABC’s ‘Revenge’ instantly wins over its audiences

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The highest degree of revenge I’ve ever taken involves a wide-scale prank on Facebook involving embarrassing photos. But in my vocabulary, revenge …

Fans prepare for end of ‘Chuck’

As “Chuck” enters its final season, not everything is up to par.

Characterization in Fox’s ‘Terra Nova’ covers no new ground

The pattern of new television shows this season seems to be that none of them have a wow factor

SA looking to increase communication on the national level

The SA has been discussing efforts to expand communication with the White House in an effort to facilitate engagement and an exchange of ideas.

ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ enchants viewers

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Once upon a time, on a network not so far away, a new television show aired with endless potential. It’s a story …

‘Homeland’ examines paranoia in post-9/11 America

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This year, the U.S. recognized the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with the public opening of the World Trade Center Memorial. We live …

ABC’s ‘Suburgatory’ is one hell of a good new show

ABC’s new show “Suburgatory” takes everything I hate about small, white picket-fenced towns and amplifies it by 100.

‘Ready Player One’: a wild ride through a virtual world

New book portrays futuristic virtual society.

Fox’s ‘New Girl’ on the block promises laughs for audiences

Fox has a new show premiering this fall, “New Girl,” which stars the reliably funny and gorgeous Zooey Deschanel.

ABC’s ‘Mr. Sunshine’ is a sitcom with a bright future

Lately it seems as if there is no specific time of year for television to air new shows. In a simpler time, when I was just a naïve television addict, I believed autumn to be the season of pilots.

‘Buffy’ fans rise from the dead to revolt against reboot

When I heard several weeks ago that a “Buffy” reboot was in the works, my pulse began to quicken. What could be better than Whedon reprising the series that defined an era?

‘Time is making fools of us again’

I’ve been waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter since I turned 11 years old.

Dog-eat-dog world in ‘Terriers’

“Terriers,” one of FX’s new shows this fall, follows the unlikely private investigation team of the ex-cop Hank and the ex-thief Britt.

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