Mattie Martin-Olenski
Social Media Editor
Class of 2022
Mattie Martin-Olenski is a junior from Omaha, Nebraska, and is one of CT’s Social Media Editors alongside Melanie Earle. Mattie is a Chemistry major, and is minoring in both History and Chinese Language. Outside the CT, Mattie is an RA, works in Rare Books, enjoys bullet journaling and running, is an Orgo TA, and is a tutor.

Articles by Mattie

Pretty please will you get your lazy ass to the voting booth on Nov. 3?

To not vote is to give up what say — however small — you do have in our government.

Social Media Editor forced to run 5K for the Culture Section

In spite of my post-race aching body, the experience reminded me how much I enjoy running and how important it is to make time for things I enjoy.

On compulsive crying

I know I am not the only person struggling with uncontrollable tear ducts (this Reddit thread told me so), so why aren’t people more empathetic? 

TikTok is more than just white girls dancing to ‘Cannibal’

As I see it, TikTok is changing the game. It is a democratic platform where anyone can participate in a conversation about anything.

A definitive ranking of American holidays

Because someone has to advocate that the end of Daylight Saving Time should be a celebrated holiday, and I guess that person is me.