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Equestrian Club trots its way into lives of UR students

UR Equestrian allows students of all horseback riding abilities the chance to take weekly lessons and compete in monthly competitions against surrounding colleges and universities.


How well do you know someone on the Internet?

The evolution of online communication cautions individuals to think about what is posted to public online social media sites.

Kosher options for Passover prompt student concern

Lack of Passover-friendly options incites student concern over limited kosher foods on campus.


UR’s annual Relay For Life moves students to end cancer

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life to spread awareness and raise funds towards cancer research and programs will take place from Friday, Apr. 12 through Saturday, Apr. 13.


Tapas 177 offers unique fare, atmosphere for young crowd

Tapas 177 on St. Paul Street offers a new take on traditional Spanish cuisine through a variety of both tapas-style and entrée portions.

ROTC Students at Drill

ROTC shares experiences, voices opinions on gender differences

ROTC students speak out about their program as well as gender relations within it.


Cashing in your v-card: the value of your virginity today

Courtesy of

When you’re a hormonal teenager in high school, you’re typically thinking about three things: school, your social life, and sex.
If you’re a …


Todd Theatre offers theatrical possibility to all UR students

Courtesy of Alex Kurland

Each day, hundreds of UR students find themselves in and out of Todd Union, retrieving care packages from worried mothers or …


Jean Giambrone passes away, leaves women’s sports ever better

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Early last week, UR alumna, icon, and pioneer and hero for female sportswriters and reporters across America passed away at the age …

Alexander Eadie

Fill Fauver encourages student attendance, enthusiasm at athletic events

Courtesy of Alexander Eadie

This upcoming weekend, the Yellowjackets will take on many teams in a variety of sporting events both at home and …

mt hope_bw

Mt. Hope Family Center provides hands-on experience for UR students

Courtesy of Mount Hope Family Center

Among the UR student population, one is likely to find a plethora of intended psychology majors. These students work …

Course Evaluations

Incentivized course evaluation system prompts new discussion

The online course evaluations have a whole new look and if you complete them before Dec. 12, you’ll get to see our grades as soon as they’re available.

Norman Eastman or George Rockwell?

Skipping the Stuffing: Students spend Thanksgiving Break on campus

A look at Thanksgiving Break for those students who can’t make it home for the holidays.

Order of Omega

Order of Omega honors high achievers in Greek community

Members of UR’s Greek Community are honored by Order of Omega for their academic success, co-curricular achievements and community service.


Blast from the past: Library bomb shelter proves elusive

Rumors of a bomb shelter in Rush Rhees Library are examined with historical evidence

The Genesee River

Generations of the Genesee: the past, present and future of our river’s pollution

The Genesee River is a vital part of campus life and the Rochester community but there are concerns about its polluted state.


RAs recount real, ridiculous stories from dorm life

The best, real life stories of living in a dorm.


Carillon instills fear, acts as penalty for delinquent students

The Hopeman Memorial Carillon is now home to any student who violates UR’s policies. Students will be forced to reflect on their infractions among the brass and metal as they watch the lives of other students go on from above.


Deli Sandro’s opens delicious future for PLEX

Antoinette Esce, Features Editor

You can smell the transformation taking place,” Deli Sandro’s owner and Rochester native Anthony D’Alessandro said in regard to the progression …


Make ‘em laugh: Out with H1N1, in with “Gangnam Style Epidemic”

The epidemic of “Gangnam Style” seems to be spreading across campus.

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