Micah Greenberg
Features Editor
Class of 2021
Micah Greenberg is a senior majoring in Political Science from Brookline, Massachusetts. He is the Special Projects Editor. He previously wrote for CT first as a Sports Editor, then as a senior staff member, and most recently as Features Editor. He has also been involved on campus in Model UN, SA Government, SPB, and Quiz Bowl.

Articles by Micah

The University’s nonsensical approach to COVID-19 public health policy

Clearly, the school felt that giving people friendship bracelets would satiate their craving for frat parties. But what did it actually accomplish?

The boys need a new WilCo bathroom

Women get a nice, triangular bathroom in Wilson Commons to take mirror selfies in. Men do not have such a glamorous sanctuary.

All UR sports teams undefeated in 2020 season

One of the most worrying aspects of the amazing defensive streak for the ’Jackets was the record-low attendance at games

We need SA’s advocacy

If I thought SA didn’t matter, I wouldn’t care about senators resigning.

UR alum and mayoral candidate Malik Evans encourages UR students to make a difference through politics

For months, protestors have been calling for Mayor Lovely Warren to be replaced, and Rochester City Council Member and UR alum Malik Evans ’02 is her main competitor. Although Evans reveals he too is "turned off by politics," he encourages UR students still consider how they can make a difference through political participation.

Conversations with vaccinated students

Vaccinated students can expect more protection against the virus, but UR’s policies and guidelines remain the same for vaccinated students.

COVID Semester in Review: Conduct

“Students should not be afraid […] to get help for themselves in a medical emergency,” Orton said. “We’re not trying to catch people; we’re trying to prevent it happening in the future.”

COVID Semester in Review: Quarantine and isolation

This year, when administrators talk about Q&I, they aren’t referring to the information desk at Evans Lam Square in Rush Rhees. They mean quarantine and isolation. 

COVID Semester in Review: Testing

“The only way you can say that we were really missing large numbers of infections is to hypothesize that [UR] students are endowed with magical powers and 90% of them when they’re infected never develop symptoms, and that’s absurd.”

COVID Semester in Review: How close were we to shutting down?

“I thought we had a good chance of going into a pause [last fall],” Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT) co-chair Mark Cavanaugh said.