Lucy Farnham
Opinions Editor
Class of 2022
Lucy Farnham is a junior majoring in Political Science from Rochester, NY. She is the Opinions Editor for the Campus Times. Outside of CT, she's involved in Habitat for Humanity, The Pact: A Personal Mentoring Program, and the Pre-Law Society.

Articles by Lucy

Where are all the good cops?

You simply cannot be a good cop if you ally with (or even stay silent about) the ones who kill, maim, and traumatize.

All of Rochester is depending on all of us

There is a special kind of irony in a student receiving the privilege of a higher education transmitting a deadly disease to some of the most vulnerable people in the nation.

“Vote blue no matter who” is not a valid argument

We shouldn’t cancel a conversation just because it doesn’t seem worth having in the short term.

Applause isn’t enough for essential workers

Our essential workers, the ones we’re applauding as heroes, are being walked all over. When we’re not clapping and cheering, we should be infuriated.