Justin Trombly
Class of 2018
Justin Trombly is a junior majoring in English & Political Science from Chazy, NY. He's been a stringer for the New York Daily News, interviewed maximum-security inmates as an intern at the Glens Falls Post-Star, and covered a prison break that turned into a national news story for the Plattsburgh Press-Republican. Talk to him about Kanye West.

Articles by Justin

Here’s everything SA Senate has been able to see about the Constitution rewrite

See for yourself all that's been shared with the Senate by the CTF.

The nightly news

If you tried hard enough, you might have see the handwritten sign directing customers to the magazine section through the thicket of lotto machines and adverts.

What’s next for the Campus Times?

The reality is that when people are reading the Campus Times, they aren’t picking up a physical copy—they’re seeing a link on Facebook or Twitter and following it to our website.

Student activists say Greek and other groups violate SA Constitution

The list includes Greek life organizations, a capella groups, and sports teams.

Public Safety accountability board quiet on specifics

The minutes can found two hyperlinks deep from University’s email on Monday that five senior officers have been armed on the River Campus and that 30 more will follow at the Medical Center by Feb. 6.

Will the real Ted Pawlicki please stand up?

"Democracy at its work, baby, right there. It’s tough to swallow, but democracy, man, is a tough thing."

‘United Against Hate’

Their election night silence and sadness turned into chanted rebukes of the dog-whistle politics of Trump’s campaign, which many have decried as racist, sexist, xenophobic, and all manner of normalized hatred.

Professor offers to buy bus tickets to Canada for those who ‘promise never to come back’

The post immediately spawned student outrage, including the filing of bias-related incident reports.

Simon professor emeritus resigns title after tax fraud plea

Horsky resigned his title Monday after the Department of Justice announced last Friday that he had paid a $100-million penalty and pleaded guilty to conspiracy for avoiding taxes through Swiss bank accounts.

Tensions flare at Palestine awareness event

Tensions boiled over Wednesday night during a Q&A session following the screening of a documentary critical of Israel.