Jocelyn Mathew
Humor Editor
Class of 2023

Articles by Jocelyn

Comic: Head voices

"What is this, Charlie and the chocolate fairy?"

Comic: Get tested, kids

"Bro they sent me my test results!"

Comic: Mid-term crises

It's all downhill from here.

Comic: Love from, UHS

It's called "creating demand."

Help! My professor is an AI

It all began to add up. I wondered if it was possible for the University to outsource our learning to an AI that was capable of teaching a course.

Freshman Cooking Basics: Ramen

If you’re not willing to compromise in the carcinogen category, I’d opt for Maggi noodles, which contain 25% more lead and MSG than Maruchan ramen noodles.

CDCS found dead in Miami

Miami law enforcement found the site facedown in a drainage ditch after an extended spring break. CDCS is survived by Blackboard, Bluehive, and UR Student.