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The spirit of meliora: Jeff’s farewell column

The thing about Meliora is, it's not so much a state of mind as it is a feeling that starts in your toes and ends where your dreams begin.

A friendly reminder from Jeff

This is a reminder to do your research before you dry your clothes.

Hard times in consumerist wasteland

I was sitting in my bed as I made the meme, and I didn’t feel like creativity was flowing through my veins but I did feel very happy to be alive.

One star movie inspires five star thoughts

I open up Netflix on my laptop. It is time to get stupid.

UR unveils Spicy Green Chipotle Baja Double Major Leadership Initiative

Joel Seligman announced the selection of studies that the initiative offers, including “Cool Buffalo Chicken,” and “Poppin’ Jalepeno with Jack Cheddar.”

Seasons of Jeff

In the fall of 2015 I declared myself God.

Jeff’s Sunday stream of consciousness

Today is going to be a good day. Tomorrow is going to be a good day too. I am just so thankful for every day I get to experience in this life.

Vaporwave sound makes nostalgia surface

"OASYS" is serene, nostalgic, and just a little bit funny.

Gumball Machine is very, very gay

If you are looking for gay artists or are feeling really gay or just want to feel like you're in a dark club with neon pink lights and sweat beading on your neck, Gumball Machine is worth a listen.

Dreamy synth EP floats among the soundclouds

Mallrat could be called synth-pop, but an even better label for her music at this point in history would be punk.