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Sasha Fierce: where is she now?

"I Am... Sasha Fierce" provides us with a thrilling and valuable lens of what it meant to be alive during the 2000s

Jeff finds the future of punk, maybe?

The sound is bold, endearing, and more skillfully executed than anything Kanye West has produced since 2010.

Soundcloud channel ‘So Relatable’

Princess Cyberspace, or Rebecca L’amore, is a low-key music star with a big-time resume.

Alum brings funky nothings

Funky Nothings is 2016 UR graduate and musical genius Gabriel Becker’s artist name. His music can only be found on SoundCloud, which adds to its rare allure.

‘Sad Rap’ sounds pretty good

For those who don't know, Jonathan Leandoer is a musical visionary from Sweden who became popular in 2013 with his polarizing rap mixtape, "Unknown Death 2002."

Future mixes with feminsim

For today's episode of "Media Matrix," I will be reviewing yet another badass woman rapper.

Princess Vitarah raps feminisim

I’m proud to promote a super talented artist today! Her name is Princess Vitarah and she’s a badass who’s music is on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Politics of Twitter

In today's column, I talk about a hot music video producer who goes by the Twitter handle @LILINTERNET.

Ultraviolet meshes hip hop, nature

Part of the reason Ultraviolet's YouTube channel is so wonderful is because his videos are simple yet inspiring, just like his beats.

A whole new ‘Worldview’

"Global Worldwide" isn't so much creepy as it is futuristic.