Jesse Bernstein
Managing Editor
Class of 2018
Jesse is an English major from Dresher, Pennsylvania. He writes for Opinions, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, and Humor.

Articles by Jesse

‘Young Sheldon’: Who hath wrought this fresh hell?

Sheldon is a wholly detestable character. At no point does he inspire any sort of empathy from the audience. You find yourself rooting for him to be bullied.

Norris and Scott pair business with basketball in book

Charles Norris, a long-time executive at Fortune 500 companies, and Byron Scott, a future member of the NBA Hall of Fame, make an odd pair, something that they’re keenly aware of.

Nationwide, professors concerned by UR’s handling of Jaeger

One professor said that, based on the results of similar situations, she’d be surprised if President Seligman doesn’t resign.

Pawlicki hopes to regain ‘Most Reviled’ title

“Last week I was still considered the most repugnant person on campus. Now? I can’t even get sneered at in the hallway.”

LCD Soundsystem resurrects the ‘American Dream’

That LCD Soundsystem’s newest album is as good as anything they made before their  self-imposed exile began back in 2011 is almost not worth saying.

Students struck by Harvey find support at school

One effort underway is a partnership between the Burgett Intercultural Center, some Greek life groups, students from the River and Eastman campuses, and local organizations to put on a benefit concert in late October.

Who’s in and who’s out: Prospective members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Reviewing and predicting who's going to enter Hall of Fame.

Campus smoking ban takes effect

Despite some pushback, the smoking ban is happening this year.

Toddler detective, chapter 9

Against the best of my still-developing judgment, I decided to keep doing the only thing I know how to do in this crazy world—sleuthing.

Rexpo thrills passionate community

The Rochester Reptile Expo is “Herpetoculture for Herpers by Herpers.”