Hailie Higgins
Class of 2022
Hailie Higgins is a junior majoring in Political Science and Digital Journalism from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Before her position as Editor-in-Chief, Hailie served as the Opinions editor during her freshman and sophomore years. She started her journalism career in high school, writing op-eds and culture articles for her hometown’s paper, the Doylestown Intelligencer. Outside of the CT, Hailie works as a Communications and Marketing Specialist for the Greene Center for Career Education.

Articles by Hailie

PA Attorney General reflects on his time at UR

But after deciding against pre-med and getting cut from the basketball team, Shapiro decided to try out student government, spending his first year as a senator. That spring, “when they were taking nominations for president, I said ‘you know what, I love this school, I care deeply about these issues [...] I’ll give it a shot.’”

Harvey Alter talks Nobel Prize, time at UR

“I’d go back to school in a heartbeat [...] The lessons I learned just kind of stayed with me. And if you want to trade places, I will do that,” he joked.

May Room mini golf solidly whelming

In an all time glow, I spent part of my Friday night in the may room, putting a neon yellow…

UR bans tunnel painting for Fall 2020

The temporary painting ban was announced in a Sept. 2 email from Dean of Students Matthew Burns and Dean of the College in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Jeffery Runner.

Rocky X Future collab: Wear A Mask

Take a listen to this sick track from rapper Future and UR icon Rocky, as they remind you of the best way to combat COVID-19.

A letter from the Editor

So why do we do this? Why bother adding our amateur-hour content to the information overload? Because it's fun to care.

Flag display temporarily removed, put under review

The flags were taken down at the request of President Sarah Mangelsdorf and Provost Robert Clark in response to “concerns raised about the display in past semesters."

Frederick Douglass Institute director appointed after two-year search

Jeffrey Q. McCune will become the Director of the Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI) on June 1, 2021. 

Judge rules international students are able to take a fully online semester in United States

ICE guidelines are now set to the emergency guidelines issued in march, which are relaxed to allow students to take all courses online in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

ICE guidelines and UR lawsuit support explained in town hall

“This is terrible policy guidance and terribly written” Gatewood said, also calling the actions “xenophobic and pernicious.”