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Landsburg Protest

Students lash out at Landsburg

Students protest outside of Hutchison Hall, and a subsequent interview with Landsburg shows the other side.

Riverview Internet not always reliable

Time Warner addresses Riverview Internet issue

After Riverview students created a petition requesting poor Internet connectivity to be addressed, Time Warner worked at the apartments on Wednesday, March 6.

College Democrats, Republicans hold talk on illegal immigration

College Democrats, Republicans host immigration debate

At an event co-sponsored by the College Democrats and College Republicans, students teamed up to present solutions to the current immigration debate.

Riverview Electronic Use

Riverview petitions for better Internet service

Students troubled by the lack of consistent internet connection in Riverview.

An Alex & Ani Jewelery Design

Alum’s company trains retail workers

A UR alum “rethinks retail” and trains Rochester workers.


URMC granted $4.65 million for primary care residents

A grant to URMC works to expand the development of comprehensive care programs.


NY law requires doctors to notify women of dense breast tissue

A new New York law requires that hospitals notify women by mail if their mammograms reveal that they have dense breast tissue.

budget by junne park

Members of Congress should put country’s budget before themselves

Congress needs to make passing the budget a priority.


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