Eric Franklin
Humor Editor
Class of 2018

Articles by Eric

Echo takes social media by storm

Rather than attempt actual, old-fashioned human contact, let our algorithms pick friends for you!

Franklin and the chocolate factory

“Here we are,” said Scott Mistler-Ferguson, humor editor of the Campus Times, “this is the production room. This is where all the magic happens.”

Benefits of Douglass labeling

The opening of the newly-renovated Douglass Dining Center this semester has brought many improvements to the school.

Rebranding UR

I would like to submit a brief set of ideas for redefining the UR brand.

Substitutions for 2016 election

A few weeks ago, the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drew 84 million television viewers, the most in the history of televised debates.

Hillary Clinton’s real disease

Hillary Clinton has been struggling for years with the Presidential Bug.

Arson bill gets burned

Late Friday night, the U.S. House of Representatives brought down a bill to ban Arson® brand lighter fluid in a straight party-line vote.

Trump v. Yeezy 2020: A Bernie voter’s look back at 2016

This week, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ryan Seacrest sits down for an interview with “Whitey McLiberal,” a voter who wrote in Bernie Sanders in 2016, allowing Donald Trump to narrowly defeat Hillary Clinton.

Scandinavian shenanigans in Sweden

When I first came to Sweden, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than meatballs, cold weather, and every Swede’s almost embarrassing mastery of English.