Eric Franklin
Humor Editor
Class of 2018

Articles by Eric

Trump’s unofficial first 100 days

Despite many outlets characterizing his tenure so far as an unusually unproductive, Donald Trump has actually been successful in fulfilling most of his “unofficial” first-100-days checklist.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen presents: Cage ‘n’ Chicken

Aficionados of flavorful fowl from 15 states flocked on Friday to the Georgia headquarters of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. They weren’t prepared for what they were about to see.

Unconventional warm-up playlist reflects personality of URWL

Jamie Wallisch of URWL's priorities were to capture the personality of this year’s team and to keep the songs on their warm-up playlist generally light-hearted.

Mel Sauce for President

In a political era that some have taken to calling “The Year of the Unnaturally Orange,” the Melanie Sauce's insurgent campaign may just have a shot.

Our Wi-Fi is a joke

Just ask our humor editor.

What type of shower are you? Part II

What’s your major? Economics/business BME Marine biology Education Psychology Physics/engineering Botany English What kind of pet do you want to…

Senioritis ravages River Campus

Senior Kylie Smithe had "one of the worst days" of her college career—she had to pull her first all-dayer of the year.

Virus ravages campus

Researchers are baffled by the rapidly spreading virus, which experts believe is transmitted by python attacks during fishing incidents.

What type of shower are you?

Answer these 11 questions to figure out what kind of shower you are! Number 10 will shock you!

Cage, the Elephant

Fans ranged from disappointed to infuriated as they left what they thought was supposed to be a rare Rochester performance…