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Editorial Board
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Editorials are published with the consent of a majority of the Editorial Board: Justin Trombly (Editor-in- Chief), Jesse Bernstein (Managing Editor), Angela Lai (Publisher), Vennela Pandaraboyina (Opinions Editor), Ben Schmitz (A&E Editor), and Alexandria Brown (Community Member). The Editor- in-Chief and the Editorial Board make themselves available to the UR community’s ideas and concerns. Email editor@campustimes.org.

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Some simple answers for Seligman

On the question of Jaeger, there are some simple answers, President Seligman. As you somewhat already agree — or at…

Dining delivers

It’s sometimes hard to know whether a University proposal will live up to the hype. Fortunately, Dining Services’ plans for…

Getting beyond the boilerplate

Is a little humanity in these emails too much to ask?

A step forward for dining

The new instillations seem to be a good step.

Leading on campus, SA or otherwise

There's many ways to get involved outside of SA so let's take the initiative to do so.

Spotlighting our service workers

Recognizing the unrecognized in our UR community is always commendable.

Running the risk at Riverview

Leaving Riverview shouldn't be a safety hazard.

Here’s where they’ve been

Last December, we asked SA President Vito Martino and Vice President Lance Floto where they’d been after failing to live up to the expectations they’d set for themselves during last spring’s election.

Not fooling anyone

We’re not yet sure if these posters were printed as a wide-scale trolling effort or with genuine intent to radicalize, but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter.

Stop running on fumes

What UR does within the larger context of universities and its role in fighting climate change matters, and the administration would do well to remember that.