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‘Color’ week means well, falls short

We're Better Than THAT's week long campaign has all the right goals, but in the end doesn't land.

Cheers and jeers

The Editorial Board relays some of the highs and lows of being a student this semester.

The next move

These times of political discontent have left many feeling hopeless, afraid, and alone among all the madness going on.

On Trump’s order, UR is falling behind its peers

For a university that seems to make so many decisions based on the policies of their peer institutions, you’d think they’d have taken the hint on this one.

Our absent executive branch

Martino and Floto have been relatively absent since taking the helm of our student government.

In solidarity against hate

We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters who gathered for the “Not My America” demonstration on Friday. The event showed what strength and dignity, even amid fear, look like.

Lessons from the DPS gun decision: Listen to minority students

University President Joel Seligman’s decision to arm 42 Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers is a disappointing one.

Cheers and jeers: Mel Weekend edition

Jeers to whichever students (or alumni!) stole the “R” from the gigantic M-E-L-I-O-R-A on the Eastman Quad.

Reject the gun recommendation

Seligman should certainly not accept the recommendation as it now stands, and it must be subjected to careful fact-checking if he is to consider it at all.

Gun plan isn’t bulletproof

The final decision on the matter remains for Seligman to make, but the proposal, for all its flaws, is a good one.