Ethan Busch
Presentation Editor
Class of 2023
Ethan Busch is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics and Classics from Baltimore, Maryland. He is the Publisher, and the Presentations Co-Chief alongside James Gunn. He has previously held a number of staff positions, including Sports Editor and Humor Editor. In high school, Ethan was involved with his school’s paper as first the sports editor and then editor-in-chief. He is also a Resident Advisor in Hoeing for the 2020-2021 school year.

Articles by Ethan

Don’t you dare tell me what antisemitism is

When I tell you that many people on this campus slip from criticizing Israel to employing language that personally offends me because of my ethnic and religious background, I expect you to believe it.

COVID is my normal

I first knew that COVID-19 would define my time in college in an iZone conference room, of all places.

CT Eats: Dolce Italy delights the senses

Given that we’re in Rochester, New York, approximately 4,318 miles away from Italy (but only 40 miles from Italy, New York), we’re both willing to pay a bit more for a high-quality, authentic treat.

Carnivorous dandelions are coming to campus

To cut down on the campus’ unmanageable yellowjacket infestation, a UR professor has released her research on breeding carnivorous dandelions.

UR not connected

WiFi has been disabled all day. Whatever. Not my problem. Maybe I’ll fix it tomorrow. Maybe not. Probably not.

The joy of a crowd

Campus is alive again. I’m excited about it. I’m excited to hear your stories, and to write new ones together.

CT Eats: Bubby’s BBQ is well worth the price

So how do you pack so much punch into your meat? You start cooking at 4 a.m., which is what McClean does every day the restaurant is open. This way, the food is ready by the time they open at 2.

Remember this pandemic

If I’ve learned anything about CT as Publisher, it’s that when we do our best work, we represent the memory of the student body.

Poetry from the Publisher

These works were so moving, we felt it would complete our image as a morally emaciated, corrupt media outlet to withhold these from the public.

April Fools! No guests allowed.

It’s always surprising when Reslife is organized enough to announce something, let alone have a policy.