Ethan Busch
Humor Editor
Class of 2023
Ethan Busch is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Classics from Baltimore, Maryland. He is the Humor Editor, and the Presentations Co-Chief alongside James Gunn. He has previously held a number of staff positions, as well as spending a semester as Sports Editor. In high school, Ethan was involved with his school’s paper as first the sports editor and then editor-in-chief. He is also a Resident Advisor in Hoeing for the 2020-2021 school year.

Articles by Ethan

This is a Rush Rhees Library appreciation post

I am no architecture student, but the blend of Doric columns — borrowed from classical Greece — with the red brick of the mid-20th century makes it feel like a modern temple.


She explained, “For purely decorative gourds I’m a big fan of Tennessee dancing gourds, and bicolor egg gourds.”

What to do with your pumpkins after Halloween

Do you think Wegmans is too bumpy? Throw a pumpkin at it. Mad that Genesee is so nice? Pumpkin. Wish Optikale were open? Goergen gets a pumpkin, too.

Letter to the Editor: Tinder isn’t working for me

Maybe “I’ll make you feel like Donald Trump makes America feel” isn’t a great opening line.

A country comes of age

Joe Biden is willing to listen to this country and do what it takes to fix it.

COVID-19 is making one of the most dangerous sports even riskier

Social distancing in any setting is only as effective as its practitioners. 

Conquering anxiety takes practice

Sometimes I’m stronger than my anxiety, other times my anxiety overpowers me. But I keep trying, and I keep improving.

Go to your local parks

There are a lot of great parks around here. Here are a few of my favorites:

A tale of two cities

Rochester champions people who fought for the less fortunate, and perhaps that makes it more able to accept that things need to change, rather than simply looking the other way. 

Stock photo models afraid of becoming memes

“I’m just taking this class for an easy A, I’m not looking to become a meme,” junior Jen Erica Photo said.