David Schildkraut
News Editor
Class of 2020
Campus Times News Editor 2017 News Staff from October 2016 Contributing Writer September 2016

Articles by David

Night King repairs weather machine

“It seemed perfect,” Seligman said. “This guy has winter trademarked, so if anyone could fix Rochester’s weather, it’s the Night King."

ResLife allows mixed-gender housing requests

The change is a broad expansion of the former Residential Life policy that gave transgender students the opportunity to receive alternate housing based on their gender identity.

Senate Summary: 9/4/17

Senator Jamal Holtz, a sophomore, defended his absence from an SA training session Monday.

Senate Summary: 4/24/17

The new SA Senate held its speaker selections.

Senate Summary: 4/17/17

ACJC planned to hear an appeal.

Junior senator resigns from SA

Zoë James left her seat Monday afternoon via a letter to Speaker of the Senate Jake Braniecki.

Senator seeks to improve international student life

The International Students Project involves the creation of a committee of students who will discuss and work on several subprojects as well as listen to and address the concerns of current international students.

Ode to Joel

Is this the real Joel? Is he just fantasy? Caught in a landslide of UR hilarity.

Being intimate without having sex

On several occasions, my ex and I found ourselves watching shows like “Star Trek” together. If you’re wondering where “Star Trek” and sex fit together, here’s a hint: they generally don’t. Learn about being asexual and having sex-free relationships.

Arigatou, Japan

Staying abroad can bring opportunities to grow.