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The last words: a senior staff writer’s farewell

CT staff writer Daniel Gorman Jr. reflects on his four years at UR.

‘Roadshow’: exploring the kitsch of the past



Tiffany White / Illustrator

Growing up, I often watched Turner Classic Movies, where big-budget musicals from the 1960s, such as Camelot, Hello Dolly!, Oliver! and …

What’s right with UR

Last week, I discussed various problems that should be fixed at UR. Now I’d like to discuss the best parts of the school. In some …

Make meliora a reality: what’s wrong with UR

I love this university, but I feel a responsibility as a senior to identify some problems here, so that they might be corrected. Meliora must …

RPO brings Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ to vivid life

‘Fantasia’ revitalizes the Disney classic by blending concert and cinema.

Library concert pushes postmodern envelope

Aaron Schaffer, Photo Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, the librarians of Rush Rhees Library emptied the circulation area and welcomed a barrage of musicians. This …

Ivory attends film screening at new Dryden theatre

Newly renovated Dryden theatre gives special film screenings and presents director James Ivory.

Rochester students witness papal election

UR students had the rare chance to be in St. Peter’s Square when the new pope was elected.

Travel tunes for the vacationing soul: 9 albums to listen to while on the road

Listen to some of these albums as you travel over spring break.

Experience a different style: 10 ‘art-house’ movies to see before you graduate

Ten “art-house” movies that you should see before you graduate — most can be found in the UR Media Center.

‘Newlyweds’ intrigues, but falls short of expectations

Nell Freudenberger’s new novel “The Newlyweds” initially showed promise, but quickly deteriorated.

Teacher Feature: Fascinating forces create a future

Maybe you know him from class, or maybe from the Office of Undergraduate Research and its annual Undergraduate Research Exposition. Without a doubt, research has always been a passion for physics Professor Steven Manly, and that interest lead him to his current career.

Coalitions, competition cause little cooperation

John Locke and Thomas Hobbes are known together for their contrasting views regarding the nature of humanity. In a political science course at UR, students simulate a government structure, and behavior may be related to the views of one philosopher over the other.

Dark realism impresses and entertains in ‘The Marriage Plot’

This book is, without question, the best treatment of college life to come along in years. Jeffrey Eugenides depicts his three characters in a way that captivates and enthralls the reader.

Teacher Feature: Pursuing multiple passions at UR

An interview with new Professor Margarita Guillory, an assistant professor in the department of religion and classics.

Following a ‘university on the move’

Despite economic downturns, UR continues its trend of expansion.

9/11: A New Yorker’s experience in memoriam

A memoriam of Sept. 11 by a young New Yorker.

YellowJackets take on buzz-worthy, commendable goal

There was a full house on Saturday, March 26 in Strong Auditorium, where the YellowJackets staged “Kenya Feel the Love Tonight.”

Married to the church: Celibacy is outdated

Courtesy of Jordan Cicoria.

I am a happy “lapsed Catholic,” meaning that I go to Mass every Christmas, Easter and a few other times in …

Ronald Reagan: reminisce or regret?

Sunday, Feb. 6 marks what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, had he not succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease in 2004. Many conservative …

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