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Prayer rugs help foster UR’s religious culture

Though UR is not affiliated with a specific religion, its libraries are home to part of the campus’ prayer culture. In an effort to help Muslim students, the Muslim Student’ Association donated prayer rugs to the libraries, which have proven to provide an environment conducive to both studying and praying.

Fiesta at UR: New Guinness World Record set with construction of longest taco line

UR students, faculty and staff came together on Wednesday, Feb. 8 to snatch from Michigan State University the honor of holding the longest taco line Guinness World Record.

Print media needs the ‘fearless’ to stay alive, alumnus says

UR alumnus and New York Times journalist Brad Strenger gave a talk on the future of print media on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Club Spotlight: GlobeMed pours help into ‘el porvenir’

UR’s GlobeMed campaign coordinator and sophomore Ria Pal speaks about the club’s mission, events and partnership with international grassroots organization Kallpa Iquitos.

Reconnecting with the outdoors

Photo courtesy of Alayna Callanan

At the time of year when most students are stuck indoors studying, one club on campus is making moves to …

Soccer concludes regular season

The women’s team earned a tie and the men’s team came away with a close loss in their final conference games of the year.

UR digitizes collection of AIDS posters to spread awareness

UR’s Rare Books Library has digitized a collection of 6,200 AIDS awareness posters to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the identification of AIDS as a disease.

UR expands business repertoire with undergraduate major

Image courtesy of

New buildings are not the only signs of expansion at the University — the list of majors offered to undergraduates has …

Headlessly horsing around in the stacks

The Scare Fair brings tricks and treats this Halloween.

Pumpkin Projectiles: ASME hosts its 10th annual Pumpkin Launch

Courtesy of Stephen Robinson

Across the Genesee River on Friday, Oct. 28 at 3 p.m., pumpkins will be descending from the sky — but don’t …

Hill Court haunted on Halloween weekend

Hill Court COG creates first annual haunted house in Kendrick House.

Closing the gap of long distance relationships

Courtesy of

Relationships are not all about sex. I know that’s a strange start to an article for Sex & the CT, but before …

Hartnett Gallery connects UR to nationwide art

Club spotlight on the student-run art gallery on campus.

Shack-a-thon: Garnering support for Habitat for Humanity

Experiencing homelessness in the first annual Shack-a-thon.

Imagine a time when Towers was an experiment

For students at UR, the dormitory is a place of refuge, even a home away from home. Our suitemates become family, while our roommates can become our best friends. But there was a time at UR when the dorm wasn’t just a home — instead, it functioned more as a psychological and social experiment.

The inevitable future

A senior at UR provides thoughts of examining the future.

Mariachi music mixes with marital merriment

Courtesy of Zamantha Lopez Aldaco

Music at UR usually evokes images of the Eastman School of Music, the last concert by the Midnight Ramblers or …

Are you a poor college student?

College students need to pinch pennies to get by

It’s no secret that most college students eat Ramen noodles and Spaghetti O’s every night because, …

Mid-semester review of the SA

It’s midterm season, not only politically but also in the semester, and the Students’ Association President and Vice President have been working to fulfill the …

True Fact – November 4, 2010

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