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M. Night: accidental master of meta

“After Earth”, an inadvertent masterpiece of postmodernism?

‘Breaking Bad’ finale recap: ‘Felina’

Courtesy of AMC

It’s done. After a five-season run, AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is over. Sunday night’s airing of “Felina” earned 10.3 million viewers, beating last …

“Siamese Dream”: a classic record revisited

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Like many vinyl enthusiasts, I spent this past Saturday celebrating Record Store Day. Record Store Day is a legitimate holiday celebrated internationally …

Take Ten Program to postpone job search for graduates

Citing high unemployment and a dismal job market, University President Joel Seligman announced plans to extend the current Take Five Program by an additional five …

Bussing tables by day, turning them by night

An insight into the life of UR food worker and DJ Curtis Gainey.

The man behind the wheel: the untold story of a dedicated UR bus driver

An insight on the daily experiences on the life of a passionate UR bus driver.

Oscar snubs: movies that should have made the cut

Damn the Academy for snubbing some of the best movies this year. Here’s what should have made it.

The Frog Pond boasts croakin’ good grub, hoppin’ atmosphere

The Frog Pond provides a tasty experience for the UR foodie looking for a meal off-campus.

LSAT updated with new essay question

Sources report that in an unprecedented move, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has added a second additional essay section to the LSAT. Unlike the …

Feldman visits SA Senate, discusses state of night life

At the SA Senate meeting on Feb. 11, Dean Feldman discussed potential night life options.

Oscar Talk: Django Unchained (2012)

Quentin Tarantino lives to rock the boat. Watch out, he nearly tips the damn thing over with “Django Unchained.”

2013 – 14 dining plans offer more Declining options

The dining plans for the 2013-2014 school year offer more Declining Balance options.

National Pita Pit contest underway, Rochester ranks top eight

Courtesy of Dave Pennington

Once again, Rochester has proven itself a city of national repute. To a list of accolades that includes nineteenth most romantic …

Caught in a pickle, thieves lose appetite

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1. On Thursday, Jan. 17, workers at the Hillside Market caught two females fleeing the premises with a stolen jar of pickles, …

College Town Barnes & Noble to house UR bookstore, design receives ‘fine tuning’

The College Town Barnes & Noble bookstore, slated to open in the summer of 2014, will house UR’s campus bookstore. In response to Mount Hope residents’ distaste, the design was recently modified to include a chamfered entryway.

Student stumbles upon sleeping stranger

Your weekly dose of theft and injury.

JCOS reports updated security measures

The Students’ Association held a Security Forum on Wednesday, Nov. 7 to discuss recent security concerns on campus, inclduing the Safe Ride Home service and new Riverview patrols.

New buses to expand UR’s fleet, bring high-tech changes by January

Riders can expect an additional 19 buses to join UR’s fleet by January. An ID card reading system will also be installed to assess student needs.

Man may have paraded parts in park

Your weekly dose of theft, injury and calamity.

IT faculty, SA discuss state of UR technology at annual summit

Eric Fredericksen, Associate Vice Provost of Academic and Research Technology, hosted the third annual Information Technology (IT) Summit on Wednesday, Oct. 24. The  summit — …

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