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Rina Sawayama explores pop and pain in ‘Hold the Girl’

“Hold the Girl” has the pop star quality, catchiness, and creativity of any truly great album.

‘Viva Las Vengeance’: Forgettable but fun

The album’s songs feel forgettable, but could become more impactful once Urie takes the album on tour. 

The house concert: an undying part of music culture

As recorded music became more widespread, we slowly entered the age of large arena concerts, and house concerts fell out of favor. Recently, however, the house concert scene has been seeing a resurgence, primarily in the United States.

Is Pop Punk Cool Again?

Pop punk’s revival has been ushered in by both mainstream artists and alternative rock groups, both of whom have a mix of old and new artists in the genre pushing pop punk back into popularity.

Orville Peck subverts country music conventions with “Bronco”

In this new “bro-country” movement, subversion is completely lost, which is why someone like Orville Peck, with the first two chapters of his latest album “Bronco,” is so important for this era of country music. 

Out of a two-year hiatus, Mitski explores relationships in ‘Laurel Hell’

“Laurel Hell” takes an axe to the typical idea of love songs and gives us a deeper, realer, more melancholic take on the gray areas of struggling through a relationship.

Derry Girls reminds us to continue living, amidst an insane world

It highlights the idea that while history is being made, mundane things are happening. In history books, these moments could be described as earth-shattering and groundbreaking, but in reality, life keeps on being lived as it was.

Emo to e-boy: the evolution of a subculture

The e-kid subculture started in 2018, and quickly rose to popularity following the worldwide release of TikTok in the same year.

Feeling all too unwell: The impact of Taylor’s new heart-wrenching short film

The thing about “All Too Well” is that most people have their own person they think of when they hear it, and the short film does a good job of drawing out the memories of that person.

The resurgence of “Jennifer’s Body”

12 years later, the film has garnered a cult following, particularly among queer people. What exactly changed from its initial release to now?