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Senate Summary

Check here to see what SA Senate discussed at its latest meeting.

A letter from the University of Rochester community

We, the undersigned faculty and staff at the University of Rochester, are united against intimidation, violence, and bigotry.

Parting thoughts from our University leaders

University leaders send their well wishes to the Class of 2016.

Letter: Don’t criticize attempts at change

After the University’s Commission on Race & Diversity voted in overwhelming support of banning Yik Yak from University Wi-Fi, President Seligman responded by disregarding that democratic choice and keeping the service on campus.

Campus Times endorses Martino and Floto for 2016 SA President and Vice President

Our endorsement of Martino and Floto comes only after meeting with the candidates in the days following the debate, where the pair—with both members, that time—convinced us that they are the best-suited candidates to hold SA Government’s most visible offices.

Don’t close Douglass and hold classes

Don’t give yourself such a terrible class schedule, don’t get the unlimited swipes plan, and never trust the Rochester weather.

Climate survey achieves only modest success

Many students who have filled out the survey said that it provides an effective and efficient channel to voicing concerns some may not feel comfortable with or have time to communicate.

Tutoring flyers distributed in supposed scam

On Jan. 26, DPS staff investigated a possible scam involving flyers for “High Quality Tutoring” being passed around in two classrooms.

The St. Louis Rams are homeward bound

Last Tuesday, at a meeting in Houston, the NFL owners voted to approve a move that would relocate the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles at the start of the 2016 NFL season.

ISIS releases official statement thanking Trump

ISIS heaped praise on The Donald for his most recent definitely-legal-and-practical policy position, claiming nothing they could do would be more valuable in their jihad against the West.