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CT Recommends: “Happy Endings

CT Recommends: “Happy Endings,” for those days when you’re missing the golden era of sitcoms like “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

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Hutchison labs awarded NYSERDA rebate for electrical efficiency

Junne Park, Photo Editor

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) — an organization that strives to decrease energy consumption throughout the …

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Meliora Challenge fundraising on target to meet goal

The Meliora Challenge — UR’s largest capital campaign in history — is on target to meet ambitious fundraising goals by June 2016.


UR researcher reveals dangers in exposure to kids with colds

Researchers at the UR Medical Center have published research explicating the health effects on adults of exposure to young children with colds.


UR research reveals implications of Gulf oil spill

A team of UR scientists published new research revealing that bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico consumed 200,000 tons of oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill in 2010.

CARE network expands to help struggling students

UR has launched a new, expanded website that will expand the existing CARE network and aim to better assist students who may be struggling.


Expo showcases potential for academic, business partnerships

UR participated in the annual Technology Showcase on Thursday, April 5, an event which aims to foster collaborations between academia and the business community.

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Astrocytes could be the key to evolutionary problems, epilepsy treatment, study finds

URMC professor and researcher Maiken Nedergaard has published new research on astrocytes that has the potential to solve key evolutionary puzzles and advance treatment for diseases such as epilepsy.


Multi-disciplinary grant to help bridge gap between fields

Two UR alumni — Mark and Ani Gabrellian — have endowed a multi-disciplinary professorship foster solutions for collaboration in the global economic and political world.

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CSA aids international students in acclimating to UR life

The Chinese Students’ Association has launched a new program to help Chinese international students at UR connect with families in the Rochester community to ease the difficult transition.


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