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We’re on the rise

You can see the tower of Rush Rhees Library from almost anywhere on campus. I think there’s one spot—if you stand directly in front of …

Administration plagued by dramatic summer daze

With summer just around the corner and the school year winding down, many students are “checking out” — but so are administrators.
When asked his opinion …

sig chi

Sigma Chi accused of hazing

After receiving credible tips, the Dean of Students Office and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs requested that UR Security investigate Sigma Chi Fraternity.

kids being safe

Security remains vigilant, aware of threats

After the Boston bombings, security remains alert and reminds students of practical safety advice.

dandelion graph

Ever higher: tuition hype ignores inflation

According to UR, this year’s increase in tuition is the lowest a decade, but the difference is only marginal.

Influnenza battle

The never-ending fight: influenza versus the world

The influenza virus is a year round battle

Local media jumps the governor of New York

Cuomo presents budget; targets economy, education

Governor Cuomo spoke at Kilbourn Hall, covering a range of issues in New York State.

Heartbroken singles swarm UHS for free Valentine’s Day counseling

The lines outside University Health Service were uncharacteristically long this morning, Feb. 14, due to a massive increase in student interest for the University Counseling …

‘Seligmania’ sweeps country after surprise announcement

Reports of “Seligmania” are sweeping the United States, Puerto Rico, and scattered Amazonian villages after University President Joel Seligman announced a potential 2016 …

Nick Offerman earns rave reviews

Nick Offerman offers genuine advice with comedy, life, music

Nick Offerman, star of “Parks and Recreation,” delighted audiences at his UR performance with a novel blend of jokes and anecdotes.

Simon School

Simon School offers programs, opportunities for UR undergraduates

Aaron Schaffer, Photo Editor

Sometimes you just have one of those days. One of those days when you realize that, eventually, you will have to …


Director of new Intercultural Center appointed

Previous UR Admissions Counselor appointed to directorship of Intercultural Center.


Laughter: best medicine, best tool

The use of humor to explore deeper issues

Beyoncé sworn in as 45th president

In a historically unprecedented act, Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to beloved singer and alleged cult leader, Beyoncé Knowles this past …

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette: sending the right message in a virtual world

We live in a virtual world. Email can sometimes be the only impression you make. How can you be sure it’s a good one?


UR Cinema Group programs more than movies

UR Cinema Group does more than just play movies.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane effects reach UR campus, cause students delays, worry

Although Hurricane Sandy directly hit the eastern coastline, the consequences of the damage reached all the way to UR.

Alumni Employees

Alumni employees proud to remain part of UR, maintain good feel for student life

Alumni make up a sizable chunk of the UR employees and have a great deal of insight into what it means to be a part of the student body.


Questioning candidates: pushing the right buttons

Don’t take the words of politicians at face value. You are more than just an opinion.

Yarn Bombing

Students stitch school spirit into Meliora Weekend

UR’s first yarn bombing was put together by the Society of Crocheting and Knitting Students (SOCKS) and displayed during Meliora Weekend.

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