The Committee for Political Engagement (CPE) is a nonpartisan group on campus that aims to promote political engagement through educating the community on current events, voter engagement, and how to become politically active. Since CPE’s establishment, one of its goals has been to set up an official polling place on campus, and that goal is becoming a reality.

To establish a polling place on campus, senior and CPE secretary Lillian Hutton said that the process typically begins with an application submitted to the Monroe County Board of Elections, which then chooses whether to approve the request. The board has a list of requirements that the site must adhere to. Hutton said she is currently working with the Campus Life Committee, which functions as a part of the UR Students’ Association Government, to discuss logistics such as establishing the location of the polling place within campus. Hutton and the committee will then meet with the Department of Transportation and Parking Management next semester to determine parking logistics for voters. In order for a location to become a polling site, there must be at least 100 parking spots dedicated to voters. 

Hutton also emphasized the importance of creating a new polling place as the site would increase voter turnout, making it easier for students, faculty, and staff to vote with their limited free time. According to Hutton, off-campus, Rochester community members have voiced that the site would be convenient for them as well.

To learn more about CPE’s other projects, make sure to check out their Facebook page here.

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