UR looking for a date? Try one of these pickup lines!

If UR_SecretSafe is any indication, the UR community seems lacking in suavité when it comes to asking someone out. Asking an anonymous poster for their number and calling them “smokin” won’t necessarily make anyone swoon for you.  So, to help all my Yellowjackets who are looking to get stung by the love bug, here are some handy-dand-e-lion pick-up lines to help you out, just in case. I’ve taken the liberty of sorting them by interested party/topic, too. 

Pre-Meds and/or Chemists: Hey, I heard that you’re taking Orgo this semester. Can you tell me what kind of chemical reaction would happen if you and I got together? 

Math: Are you taking MATH 162? No? Well, I can find another way to keep you up all night. 

Studying in Rush Rhees: Are you not able to get on UR_Connected? Well I think you and I might have a stronger connection. 

Linguistics: Do you want to practice articulatory phonetics together, or would you rather use your tongue for something better? 


STEM students clustering in a language: Do you want to practice (insert language) or would you rather twist your tongue another way?

Statistics/Political Science/Data Science: Can you tell me if there’s a correlation between how beautiful you are and the probability of me getting your number? 

Engineering: Forget about the curve for my last midterm — your curves are the only thing on my mind.

Physics: I didn’t even know this was possible, but I’m more lost in your eyes than this PHY122 problem set.

Dining: Are you switching to an all-declining plan? I think swipes are still useful. In fact, could I swipe for your Snapchat? 

Starbucks: I’d wait in the Starbucks line to just get a coffee with you. 

School Spirit: You’re cuter than URBee OR I’ll Rock(y) your world. 

English: You’re reading 200 pages of Homer this week? Do you want to hit another kind of Homer tonight? 

Eastman Students: So… ya’ like jazz? 

There you go, my ’Jackets! There are no bad pick-up lines if you are thoughtful with them, but there are definitely terrible pick-up lines. You have between the second Thursday after Halloweekend and the Tuesday after Thanksgiving before you get iced out by both the wonderful Rochester weather and cuffing season, so take these lines while you can and win some hearts out there!

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