UR Rising is a Campus Times podcast featuring the student activism on our campus and in our city, today and in decades past. Learn about the passion and work they’ve dedicated to not only inspiring change, but also setting it into motion.

Our first episode, “Two Sit-ins: A bird’s eye view of Black student activism,” is coming September 2021, available on all the major podcast platforms as well as the Campus Times website.




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Video Production: Haven Worley

Protest Footage: Efua Agyare-Kumi

Artwork: Jane Pritchard


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Royals Dance Team Mosaic spring show

Overall, I enjoyed the show with all the outfit changes, fun songs, and well-choreographed dancing.

What do you want to get out of college?

I am definitely not saying that you should throw your GPA out the window and go paint all day, but do things with intent.

UR rowing competes at New York State championships

The Rochester men's and women's rowing teams competed in a variety of disciplines at the New York State Collegiate Rowing Championships, held on Saturday, April 23 in Saratoga, New York