UR Rising is a Campus Times podcast featuring the student activism on our campus and in our city, today and in decades past. Learn about the passion and work they’ve dedicated to not only inspiring change, but also setting it into motion.

Our first episode, “Two Sit-ins: A bird’s eye view of Black student activism,” is coming September 2021, available on all the major podcast platforms as well as the Campus Times website.




Podcast Production Team: An Nguyen, Sanghamitra Subba, Michael Vilakazi, Haven Worley, Efua Agyare-Kumi, and Wil Aiken

Video Production: Haven Worley

Protest Footage: Efua Agyare-Kumi

Artwork: Jane Pritchard


Instagram: @ur.rising

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Interested in how a podcast gets made, from research and interviewing to script writing and audio editing? Join our team! Email us at ur.rising@campustimes.org.

Crimson Geese

. I’m always so curious to know what drives people to madness — to see just exactly what it was that chimmied a man’s changas.

The model minority myth: A double-edged sword

How do you embrace yourself entirely with respect to your racial identity and individuality when you do fit the stereotype? 

“Sites and Non-Sites”: An exhibit of glacial proportions

This site-specific installation represents how “the natural rhythms of the earth, although slow and sometimes not obvious, impact how we live today.”